Storm Hyroad & Hyroad Pearl | ALL TIME Great Bowling Bowling Balls!

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The Storm Hyroad and Hyroad Pearl have been around for so many years and here's WHY that is! Two bowling balls that are must haves for the tournament bowlers arsenal!

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33 Comments on “Storm Hyroad & Hyroad Pearl | ALL TIME Great Bowling Bowling Balls!”

  1. Have you bowled with the all road yet .. Its one of my favorite ball other then the phaze II

  2. If someone could help me out with this that would be great! So I am a a low speed, low rev bowler and Iโ€™ve been looking into the Phaze III, idol Helios and the iq tour. Do you think any of these balls might work for me? Let me know if you have any other suggestions. Also if your curious I currently have a raw hammer solid. Thank you!

    1. @Luis Napoles Ok, thank you! Someone else that I know also suggested the iq tour and he said that the phaze III might be too much off the spot

    2. I’m in the same boat and have been told that higher RGs are more beneficial to my roll, for what it’s worth. Since I throw 14lb the iQs for me are 2.54 instead of 2.49 RG so they’ve always matched up really well for me.


  4. The Hy-Road Pearl was always my favorite. I had a 2014 that I used all the way to 2019 when I got another Hy-Road Pearl to replace it. It wasnโ€™t the same and I rarely used it, went to Motiv about two years later.

  5. hey love the video, id love to see you compare the hyroad pearl vs the A hyroad pearl with the 4k fast finish

    also would you recoment the 4kFast finish to other pearl balls?

    1. @Luis Napoles Thanks for the information. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been out of the game for 15 years and just got back into it this past season. When I hear of pearls, solids, urethane, I think most are the same except for the core. It’s my ignorance of the technology change, but I truly do enjoy watching these videos and trying to help along my knowledge of bowling ball technology.

  6. I had a Hyroad in 15lb, but it cracked from bad storage. I use 14lb now anyway, so probably wouldn’t use it much if it was still in one piece. Also the PSO drilled it pin down for some reason. Still working on getting it again. The local PSO now (different guy) is pretty cold on them (and he’s on Storm staff), he thinks they’re earlier than they used to be from changes to the R2S formula. I might actually get one though…14lb Burner Pearls are on backorder and I was going to get one of those for a good burn ball since my Emerald is pretty well used. Been thinking about one of the hyroads instead and you’re definitely pushing me in that direction these last few videos I have to say.

  7. what’s the length of the oil pattern here? because my house shot with my hyroad over hooks left due to a very short house pattern.

  8. Wish I could like these balls, but they just don’t match up for me at all. Isn’t as predictable as I’d like. Only one I ever liked was the HyRoad Pearl.

  9. Luis, your the G.O.A.T. of YouTube bowling ball reviews. I’ve watched everyone of your videos and will be looking forward for more to come.

  10. My Iq fusion cracked, looking for a replacement. I am a lower speed (14mph) lower rev bowler. Something to go with my alpha crux and proton physics!

  11. I have a hyroad and I have cashed with it in so many times I could have bought 10 more with all the money it’s made me! One of the best balls of all time.

  12. Hyroad Pearl looks like it can be good when the lanes are burnt. The OG HyRoad looks more versatile and a more consistent reaction where I can feel comfortable getting atleast 9 on every single good shot I make. Wish they can bring back the Victory Road Core.

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