25 Comments on “Storm Hy-Road Max (Tweener, 2-hand, and high rev) by TamerBowling.com”

    1. It’s not strong enough overall to be a direct replacement but it is a control ball. But still a possibility.

  1. Thanks for the review 🙂 So if someone were to buy just one Hy-Road ball, what type of player would he be to choose this one ?

    1. Could be any bowler looking to fit a control motion but sees a bit more volume. If you are a slow roller rev dominant it will hook more of course.

    1. @Andy Monaco as was I. Responded well to hand positions and speed. I struck a TON with this one when I was on fresh, and after it broke down too. Liked the zen too. Thing was awesome.

  2. Man that center has the fastest racks I’ve ever seen. The ball barely hits the pins and the sweep is down 😆

  3. I love the look of this ball! It really reminds me so much of the Reaction of my Frantic! I love that ball. Yes love because I have one! Lol! I will definitely be getting this ball at some point!

  4. This ball is wicked!!!! It’s my go to as soon as my physix is to strong, and lanes start to trasition! Get one ASAP

  5. Last solid hy road ive seen is the nano right? Had one of those for a long time, grew ouy of the weight sadly.

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