1. Since the USBC now is saying Reactive balls dont loose hardness as bad. Why cant they unban the 7 balls from storm and let them re make them with the newer finish reacta/ 4K fast would be nice to see the specter original color redone the Scent should be like a spicy Apple or something spicy smelling

  2. BEANS!!! I haven’t had a drink in 20 years…but I think a Combination Berry Cosmo in Vegas sounds like a plan!!!😂😂😂

  3. Can’t go wrong with a PhysiX ball honestly. I love throwing all my PhysiX’s, only wish we had oil so I could throw them

    1. @BtK03z I’ve got roughly 70 on mine, I just keep it surfaced after about a month or so of throwing it or before I go to a tournament

  4. Nice Chris we definitely need a reacta Gloss Nex Hybrid. I love my Nex Axiom pearl Getting a third soon . Had all the Physixs people are paying stupid money for PTLP PHYSIX THANKS 😊

  5. I got it a few weeks back don’t ask me how but I did, the motion is similar to nightroad idk how but it’s a nightroad for heavier oil conditions, i had both basically laid out the exact same except one is asym and yea a big waste of money

  6. Houses are reducing their oil volume to save money. I am in burn ball in game one. Don’t think we can use this

    1. Not all houses. I bowl a local center. And one about 35 mins. Away. Ones house shot is low volume like you say. The farther drive is definitely a typical house shot. If not maybe a tad more volume than normal.

  7. Completely agree. Wish it would come to the US Market! Haven’t thrown any ball with a NEW Hybrid Reactive plus the shelf appeal looks FANTASTIC!!!

  8. Got one yesterday drilled it up and it’s simply amazing. Best reaction from an asym in a while. Worth every penny

    1. Where’s it at compared to the OG physix? It’s my favorite of all time and need to find another somehow but if this is what I think I might splurge and get one shipped

    2. @TN JR it’s stronger than the original on the back end the original was def smoother off the spot but I also haven’t knocked the 1500 polish off it just happens to work on this ball

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