1. BEANS!!! I love this…if you can’t have a little fun…why bother?!?!
    Thanks for the review and showing off the good, bad, and indifferent!!!

  2. Cool video talk tech bowling storm fate bowling ball with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike hitting power at time bowlers rant Chris beans

    1. @Bowlers Rant yeah I like your YouTube channel talking about bowling and reviewing new bowling balls and I’m a great bowler to for some who have autism disability bowled 1 200 this year 2022 in my bowling league in Wisconsin superior village lanes bowling alley

  3. 3:11 “Prototypical” isn’t the word you’re looking for since you’re not referring to a prototype. You just mean typical or stereotypical since it looks like all the others.

  4. CB, hey brother’ this is a nice ball’ I’m digging on this ball hitting it with a 2k ab pad, it will be in my bag then the P5 after that. How do you like the house, I do league at the house mens, bowl 2 others in Tampa bay .. later brother great videos as always

    1. @Bowlers Rant I am ordering 2 balls from Bowlersmart today and when the Fate comes out Nov ? Forgot date, I can find it. I might as well pay for it tonight with the other two, so it’s done with. I’m buying the Infinite physX & the Check Reality & and pre-pay for the Fate. Love you videos and details brother’ you do a great service for all of us. Every time I seen or her my bell rings and it’s you, I stop and watch for the next exciting ball.

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