Storm DNA | Roto Grip Clone | Which Asymmetrical Solid Is Better??

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Comparison between the Roto Grip Clone and the Storm DNA!

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13 Comments on “Storm DNA | Roto Grip Clone | Which Asymmetrical Solid Is Better??”

  1. I have the DNA and I love it. I know someone who has the Clone and he loves it primarily because its a shinny asymm. He threw the front 27 on a house shot the other day. With the Clone being shinny, I’m not sure how it will perform on heavy and long patterns. Don’t get me wrong I think the Clone is an excellent ball and I might add it to my arsenal

  2. You have to slow down your feet. Your mechanics are off. Your feet are getting to the foul line before the bottom of your swing. Also stop pulling your shoulder sideways in the shot. Keep your shoulders square with the lane and your target and stay under the ball.

  3. Cool video talk tech bowling bowling ball roto grip clone bowling ball with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time

  4. Either way is fine with me. I do enjoy your laneside discussion on the shot and why you make your moves.

  5. Great video and tech talk! I also like the lane talk. What surface do you have on the DNA and the Clone? I have both and love them.

  6. I love the fact that some strikes are bad throws, you have to move because you got a strike and some good throws leave a pin πŸ˜… Good stuff. Always a good video. I like it better with the break in the middle and longer videos. Also I really like it when you have a match against other people.

  7. Good video Luis the problem is unless we’re bowling on sport patterns these new balls storm is Making are to strong. I bowl at 8 different places on a travel league and if I use my Phase 2 or Zen Soul this year I’ll be surprised. Phase 5 Hy road maybe zen or gold Label possibly use the last 4. Thanks πŸ‘

  8. I can’t remember and didn’t see it off a quick glance. Did you ever do a dna and reality comparison? I feel like the dna would be a lot more popular if the reality didn’t exist but the reality is so dang good

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