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    1. Forward is the new ball reaction buzz word but I still don’t know what it means. My interpretation of “heavy roll” is that the ball is trying to hook while in oil vs a ball that is “cleaner” which skids more easily through the front part of the lane and saves more energy for a turn on friction.

      I guess “forward” means less energy is saved for the turn therefore the ball moves more in a forward direction (relative to a “cleaner” option)?

  1. Figures, I just drilled up a Reality last week. Threw a 698 with it tonight. Speed dominant lefty. Lanes were soaked. Not a lot to work with down lane. Carved out a line for myself by the end of the 1st game. DNA is already ordered. Guess I’ll see how they stack up to one another.

  2. Have heard from good sources that the issue with finishes has to do with the process for getting the ink off after doing the logos and lettering. Essentially, they weren’t getting it completely off which caused a film their cover stocks.

    1. Interesting theory, but that’s not it.

      The “film” issue most likely comes from the fact that they’re using a hydrophobic polishing compound (that’s what Reacta Gloss is, unlike Storm Step 2 and Brunswick’s Crown Compound) and it’s cross-contaminating sanded equipment in the factory.

  3. Hey Tamer, recently ive noticed more and more ball reviewers not matching up with equipment that they throw off camera, so they change the surface of the ball to something that matches up better with their lane conditions, and then film the video to make the ball, or frankly themselves look better. I feel that it becomes less of a true ball review, and more of a “this is what surface can do for you” review. I do appreciate the insight regardless, but its not what I personally am looking for in a ball review, since my game, THS conditions, and other factors may or may not match up to yours.

    1. Appreciate the feedback. There are different things going on. In this case, we aren’t trying to show you what different surfaces do but rather get it to a truer surface representation. Surely I could keep testing reactagloss finish and tell you I hate it and it looks bad but I don’t think that makes for a proper review. If someone decides they want to buy a ball, the least we can do is help them understand why they may struggle out of box and what a relatively easy solution is.

    2. Additionally I know some people are finding a way to test only when they finally like the ball. We don’t do that. We change the surface straight out of box. Didn’t even throw one ball with factory finish and then tested. I would’ve told you exactly what we saw either way.
      Also it’s important to note that surface adjustments is a real tool any bowler can use. It is after all 70% of the ball reaction.
      I do hear what you’re saying and I’ll just say I don’t think we’ve betrayed that notion.

  4. Bryan especially benefits from a strong solid asym and higher speed lower Rev players especially benefit from it

  5. Hi Tamer, love your videos. Right now in my arsenal is the UC2, Proton Physix, and Infinite Physix. With these 3 balls and the flexibility they provide I can find a great line almost every night at league. But I wanted your opinion on something. I see that Storm retired the UC2, and would like your opinion on which ball in the current storm lineup is closest to it? Although on certain lines the Infinite and UC2 roll similar, no other ball has the back-end that the UC 2 has. So I was hoping for your opinion on a replacement. Thank you!

    1. It won’t be a perfect fit replacement but possibly Eternity or IQ Tour Ruby. UC2 is really right in between the 2 but those will be the closest.

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