1. I love my !Q Tour Emerald, and I’m not sure I’m going to get the Ruby. Other than color, what is the difference? I may need to check out the DNA, just to see how it compares to my go to ASYM solid, Hammer Black Widow 2.0. Thanks for the info!

    1. @Joe Spagnola bed cover on the pro Position or on the new DNA?
      I was debating getting the Proton or the Reality to replace my Sure Lock

    2. @BARBELLS AND BUDS For me the Super Nova. The Proton Physixs rolls too forward which just doesn’t match up with my game.

  2. Really liking the !Q ruby , didn’t get the emerald cuz i really hate orange and green colors for bowling balls.

    1. @Brian B Really it’s all preference for me. But there are and have been some really imo ugly balls , helios is solid orange. Looks like throwing a basketball down the lane. LOL .. and the new verge solid , it’s a solid alraight .. solid orange basically. And the new captiv8 , omg puike

  3. I never heard of the EXO cover.
    Looks like it was used once in 2006 on the Paradigm Passion ball with a Rad+ core

    1. just searched it up and this is a new cover, ive never heard of the paradigm but it says it uses the eox cover on their website

    2. @AsimpleNickel oh that’s my mistake. This one is EXO cover stock and the one I was talking about was an EOX cover stock.

  4. With most lane beds getting up there in age, IQs and Hyroads aren’t going anywhere, ever. Neither is R2S.

  5. Why not just bring back the gold IQ? Stamp some 40th anniversary badges on it. None of the other color pearl IQs have reacted as well as the gold one did imo.

  6. Storm already has great cores I don’t understand y they keep making different ones I want updated covers for the shape lock hd core n catalyst core

  7. Brought my Emerald back out a few weeks ago, and lamented having to plug it to move the thumb during a fit change as they’re not the easiest to get anymore. So having the same ball as the Emerald just in a different color is perfect

  8. As a Chiefs fan and someone who is looking for a pearl for dryer conditions I’m thinking that Ruby pearl could sit right in the middle of my arsenal ( and also in the middle of my 3 ball Chiefs roller bag) it is gorgeous and if it’s functional? WOO HOO . Now I just have to break the news to the wifey😂

  9. I bowled my first 300 with an IQ Tour solid and the next day went and bought another one so I’m 1000% getting the ruby.

  10. I play lots of raffles and have already won a DNA and an !Q Tour Ruby! They’re gonna ship out on release day!

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