Storm Dark Code Ball Review By Luis Napoles | Best Code Series Ball Yet!

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The Storm Dark Code is the latest iteration of the Code series of balls! This one features a very unique Coverstock!

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13 Comments on “Storm Dark Code Ball Review By Luis Napoles | Best Code Series Ball Yet!”

  1. I have it but it wasnt what i thought it was going to be. With my lowish rev rate it seems lazy to me, thats the only way i can describe it

  2. Had to chuckle. In your opening comments the Storm Dark Code was sitting on a Motiv ball cup. Then after the first 5 shot the Motiv name was turned away from the camera. Like finding a movie blooper. Good review for the Dark Code. I would like to see it on a fresh house shot with some surface in lieu of the Hardwick pattern you mentioned, or at least both.

  3. I got one… I used a polish that’s supposed to be similar to 5000 grit, and I think I messed it up… I feel the same way… the ball is weird… I never put surface on any balls, so I’m nervous about that…

  4. The dark code is pretty good. Since I throw motiv I don’t have one. But my buddy is storm. The pin up is good but the pin down dark code is insane

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