1. Red Sun Storm was my first ball, still in my mom’s closet. I called it hoarding, she called it “remember where you started.” Congrats, you both deserve it!!! Everything you have done and do for the sport of bowling! Thank you

  2. This will always be my favorite company Storm and roto grip will be my forever favorite companies

  3. Started with a Storm Byte in 2015 and fell in love with Storm Brand. Not just ball performance but with added fragrance.
    Congrats 🎊

  4. my best ball was the EL Nino 2000 great ball and still today i wish they would make a new one with same weight block also have only bowled with Storm. Also has the best bowlers they are the Hendricks Motorsports of Bowling

  5. Thank you bill,barbra and all of the storm team! I grew up throwing alot of your amazing storm balls throughout the years and im always excited to see what you will come out with next! im happy to say our boy will continue throwing your great products in the future as he made it to jr gold this year on his first attempt!Thank you for all your hard work and determination storm team!

  6. Felicidades! Ambos merecen estar en el salón de la fama del deporte que cambiaron con Storm. Es un honor haber aprendido a jugar boliche aún a mi edad (48 años, hoy tengo 51) con mi primer bola: “Storm Reign of Fire”. En hora buena y en todos los idiomas del mundo los felicitamos.

    It is better to read a message in a different language because it means you changed our lifes worldwide. Congratulations for your lifetime effort.

    Felicidades desde México.

  7. Congratulations! I’ve only been bowling for 3 years, but I’ve been throwing Storm since I started. Been loving everything you’ve come up with, keep it up! Thank you!

  8. Congratulations. Been throwing Storm since I started bowling 22 years ago. Won’t throw anything else.

  9. Congratuations. Started with mixing a bowling ball in a KFC bucket. That was one of the best tours I ever had. It was so cool to see Storm’s factory and the bowling ball display. I will definitely be making a return trip if I have the opportunity to once again go to Utah.

    Congratulations to 2 great people in the bowling world. It’s very much deserved and so proud to throw Storm equipment. There’s no company I would trust my game with more than Storm.

  10. My first storm was the OG Fire Storm! Loved it!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work and we’ll #weatherthestorm

  11. My very first 300 was July 9, 2006 with an El Nino Wrath I bought brand new in 1999. When I rolled perfection with it, that ball had almost 1000 games and was plugged and re-drilled twice. All 12 strikes were pocket flush, no lucky breaks, truly perfect. That day I learned two things: 1) You don’t always need the latest and greatest equipment to score, and 2) Storm matched up with my game way more than any other brand I had in my bag. From that day on I’ve used Storm exclusively and continue to do so proudly. I always #BowlUpAStorm and represent #StormNation on the lanes. Thank you Bill & Barb for taking a chance and making it stick. And congratulations on rightfully earning your places in the Hall of Fame. #WeatherTheStorm

  12. Thanks for all your contributions to the sport of bowling. Storm equipment has been dominant for years. I’ve been trusting Storm equipment for years. My 1st Storm ball was a “Big Hit”, loved it especially on light to dry conditions. The night I rolled my 1 and only 300, I used a Storm Optimus. Started the evening with the IQ Nano Tour, then late in the 2nd game switched to the Optimus moved back to the right and killed it. Congrats Bill and Barbara for being willing to take a chance on something no one else believed in.

  13. That Yellow Sun Storm still has more shelf appeal than some other manufacturer’s modern bowling balls…

  14. USBC needs to be dissolved. This doesn’t make up for the stress Storm has been put through. The purple hammer is the issue. Period.

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