16 Comments on “STORM | CODE BATTLE | Francois Lavoie & Chad McLean throw this NRG-3 RAD-4 BEAST!!!”

  1. Cool tech bowling bowling ball storm code battle bowling ball with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time bowler rant Chris beans

    1. Not this again, lets not get the Arabic Roto Grip try hard from the last comment on the Duo

    2. @scotty thompson i think it was on a Luis Naplis or maybe Luke Rosedal a salty “Roto Grip Staffer” got mad that the Duo wasn’t made of Nano even tho it was and called us trolls

    3. @Tyler Hernandez oh ok I see I know Luis naplis he that guy living in las Vegas Nevada yeah I’m YouTube friends with him

  2. Looks like Chad was taking a really short backswing, keeping his speed lower, so maybe not a really strong cover?

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