1. 31:03 Ball at the end is Infinite Physix
    Slow the video down and go frame by frame using , and . keys. You can see “Inf” on the top line and “Ph” on the bottom line surrounded by the Physix logo. The Infinite Physix was approved by the USBC at the start of the month.

  2. So glad Roto Grip made a replacement for the original Idol. Once I switch from 16lbs to 15lbs it was discontinued, and never found that full replacement for it until the Idol Helios.

  3. I’m in the process of switching over to Storm / Roto / 900. Those balls have given me much better looks than other balls I’ve thrown, all of which are brands that used to be made in the USA. (Brunswick brands)

  4. Storm – The Bowlers Company. The best products, bar none. Would love to get back to Brigham City to tour the plant again!!

  5. Hello Gary! Good to see you again! Hope to see you at the AWBA National tournament in Colorado in October!

  6. There’s no question that STORM – ROTO GRIP – GLOBAL 900 makes the best equipment on the planet! There’s also no question that they have some of the best people. Thanks for all that you do!

  7. The local pro shop operator is a Brunswick guy, but a friend gave me an Intense Fire and ever since, I’m a huge fan of SPI products!!

  8. I love the Storm bowling balls. I have a storm dark code and it got damaged the second week I used it but I’m still throwing it since the huge chip was not in my track.

  9. The next ball I want to get is the Zen Soul. The only reason I’ve delayed in purchasing it because I just had rotator cuff surgery and can’t bowl for about 9 months

  10. All 4 balls I own are from the Storm Roto 900 line and have completely changed my game for the better

  11. I’ve recently bought a Storm nova and it was awesome right out of the box but after about 20 games it has gotten lane shine and is much less reactive even after using rubbing alcohol after every league night. What could used to fix this problem and keep it at it’s maximum performance?

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