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    1. 4k fast is fine, it’s just that some bowlers can’t handle surface adjustments, so they’re doing the polish thing again, this time trying to keep from running afoul of the dreaded durometer.

    1. What about it? It comes at 3000 Abralon from the factory. That’s not the kind of ball he’s talking about in this video.

  1. 4k fast was a W. Didn’t need to take the polish off with a 2k pad and it produced a more predictable reaction

  2. Curious why Storm thought this was necessary at all. I can only think of one person who routinely says he likes factory polish.

    Aside from the unnecessary branding, the 4k Fast seemed like a great compromise.

  3. I much prefer the 4k fast over the polish finishes, as I always needed to scuff the shine off, and 4k fast works out of the box. Hopefully, 4k fast will continue to be implemented when useful through future designs…

  4. Why you guys didn’t re-shoot without the audio distractions from the warehouse I have no idea…

    Curious to see how this behaves. I liked 4K Fast (when it actually came from the factory looking like it’s 4K Fast, instead of 2000 grit like my Hyped Pearl did) because I always knocked the polish off of shiny balls and let them lane-shine anyways.

    Excited to see the Burner Hybrid!!! Haven’t seen any announcements of it yet.

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