Storm Bowling | Our ALL NEW Polishing Compounds

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Introducing our ALL NEW polishing compounds, Rough and Smooth Edge. These replace our long standing Steps 1, 2, & 3 gsomplifying the polishing process. Take a look at all the new benefits of these new products with VP of Product Development Steve Kloempken!

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34 Comments on “Storm Bowling | Our ALL NEW Polishing Compounds”

  1. Is this more hydrophobic car polish like Reacta Gloss? Or is this stuff that will actually help the ball pick up oil?

    1. I’ve been using them both for a couple months now, the Edge products definitely help the ball pick up oil much, much more than the gloss

    2. ⁠@Wyatt Ormes if you’ve been using them for a couple of months, which one is used or preferred for Dull/Sanded bowling balls and which one is preferred for Pearl??

      And what are the steps or are the steps/directions listed on the bottles themselves? Cause this video isn’t sharing any information lol

  2. Happy to see this issue being addressed and Reactagloss being discontinued. Looking forward to testing out the new compounds.

  3. I don’t understand. I know there are some people who change the surface as soon as they get the new ball, I’m not one that has ever done that. I buy the ball for the OOB condition because that’s how I see the ball be thrown in the demonstrations. I know..I know…people are going to say you will never get the OOB condition back. But I say, if you are going to produce a product that will change the ball surface too more of a shine or even dull, why aren’t you providing compounds to bring back the original coverstock? Especially for the two balls you are showing on the table.

  4. Feel like we need more information. I went to the website and it didnt go into any details. How does this compare to reacta gloss which is on your balls? A lot more information is needed.

  5. Hard pass as diminishing abrasives will make it very hard to repeat the surface. from ball to ball and even from one half of the ball to the other

  6. How do these compare to the Reacta Gloss that has been used on the ball coming out of the factory for over a year now? Will Reacta Gloss be available to use to polish balls back to the OOB finish?

    1. Sure hope not, since Reacta Gloss is a liquid repelling auto glaze. Throw a shot more than every 3-4 minutes and it just takes ball reaction and throws it straight down the toilet.

    2. Reacta Gloss is garbage. I tested it on my Zen recently and it completely killed the reaction. Had to sand it down to get rid of it and used Step 1 compound instead. I’ve always preferred Step 1 over 2 in Storm’s finishing process, so I’m looking forward to the Rough Edge being in-between

    3. @R B thank you for your input. I have been waiting to get Reacta Gloss to try, but have order the Smooth Edge and Rough Edge to test myself.

    4. @Shim Wrecker Enterprises thank you for your input on this, I have not noticed this during my practice sessions, but will look at it a little closer.

  7. Why would you get rid of a product step number 2, that can put a little surface on a bowling ball which is important when cleaning equipment?? these other two products don’t do that

  8. Give this stuff a few months or a year and they’ll be talking about new compounds that they’ve come up with. The problem is that Storm is making too many bowling balls and that’s how they messed up before, making too many and not properly checking the hardness factor of the balls before releasing them to the public. Hence why they came up with the 4K fast process, then the Reacta Gloss, now this.

    I hope they make another video showing us the process of using these products and what compound is preferred to use on pearl and sanded.

    1. It wasn’t the balls being too soft, it was found that the polish was coating the needles. There’s a video on the channel that shows this, a polished iqts read a few points softer than when it was sanded

  9. So if rough is between steps 1 & 2 and the smooth is between steps 2 & 3 mixing them together will give us step 2 again which everyone liked so much? Shaddup fellas let me have this one..

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