Storm Alpha Crux Really Worth $600?! One Of the Most Sought After Bowling Balls In The World!

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The Storm Alpha Crux is wildly considered the GOAT of bowling balls and a new undrilled one sells anywhere from $500 to $600! Today we are going to find out if that asking price is worth it or not! - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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29 Comments on “Storm Alpha Crux Really Worth $600?! One Of the Most Sought After Bowling Balls In The World!”

  1. I bought a single drill that i have sitting around that i have just not got around to yet
    Maybe this will make me want to👀

  2. It don’t matter if it was a $1000 if it’s your all time favorite ball than that makes it priceless

  3. I bought one from my buddy about a year ago with another ball, shoes, and 2 ball roller bag for 20$. Knew I got a deal but didn’t know it was that good a deal.

    1. @Luis Napoles No, but our span and all that was pretty much the same. Expanded the thumb a little and changed the finger grips was all I had to do.

  4. Just remember everybody…you say Storm would be stupid to not bring it back. But everybody said that about the IQ Tour Pearl – and the Emerald was discontinued within a year. If they bring it back, fucking BUY ONE.

    1. everything is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. I agree with you that it’s not worth $600 but that doesn’t mean that people haven’t paid that for them. All about supply and demand

  5. I had one when it first came out back in 2016 and I never matched up well with it, but I can see why it is loved by so many. My carry with it stunk, but the ball smelled great.

  6. No. I can buy a new 90 dollar ball and do just as good as I would with this ball. Nostalgic matters don’t matter to me at all lol. If I have the choice of this or 4 brand new balls I’m taking the 4 balls. Also throwing something new just feels different. Like it has the opportunity to surprise you over the same old thing. I’m sure this ball will work great but idk if it’s worth the price. Since other balls could be better

  7. Someone i know is selling a coupke bowling balls for about $30 a ball a haywire a daredevil trick and an alpha crux so i am thinking of buying the alpha crux from him and gifting it to a league buddy of mine who has the omega crux

  8. I know Darren Tang absolutely loves this ball. Even in some of his videos even tells people that if they have one for sale to let him know LOL

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