Storm Absolute Power vs Virtual Energy Blackout! Which Bowling Ball Is BEST?!

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Comparison between the Storm Absolute Power and the Virtual Energy Blackout! Two asymmetrical bowling balls that are great on the fresh!

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11 Comments on “Storm Absolute Power vs Virtual Energy Blackout! Which Bowling Ball Is BEST?!”

  1. I have the Absolute; looking to purchase the Absolute Power but now that I see this I maybe looking into the VEBO as well.

  2. Great vid as always, you were talking improvement at the start and was wondering is you heard about the new Mark Baker video he just dropped, think it was $75 for it. Just looking to get you or someone else’s unbiased opinion on the subject.

  3. Man it looks like your steps, timing, and ball speed are all way faster. Shot looks super smooth. keep up the awesome work.

  4. A lot of the other Bowling, Youtubers do this, so I don’t want you to think that I’m advising that you change to the trend, but from my perspective in point of view, having an angle in which you can see the ball closer up and see how it rolls, how it reads,and how it skids is super nice. Just a suggestion or thought, not necessarily something I’m saying, you have to do an order to be successful.

  5. Great video Luis as always. Here’s my question of the day for you. What is your current bowling ball Arsenal for tournaments/league? And why are you still using the phase II the IQ tour solid, and some of the classics?

  6. I put 4000 on my VEBO and I love it. I have 2 Journeys so one I will keep polish on, and the other with 4k. I’m looking for a Zen Soul replacement and I thought the Absolute Power might be close?

    1. Nooooooo the Absolute power is waaaay stronger. Tbh I’d go with either the Xponent solid or Sublime for a replacement, since the Sublime is a much better Hybrid (and you can drill it to be smoother if needed) and the Xponent is early, smoother, and controllable

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