1. They changed the patterns by 1-2shots. You can check the pattern if you focus on the subtitles.
    Maybe the patterns are Mexico, Scorpion, London and a pattern like house.

  2. the jinseung patterns are more of a league type of pattern than a sport shot tbh. Went to watch a tournament this year and it was similar to our house, be it with a higher oil volume and it really breaks down easily.

  3. I have yet to throw a Storm ball that actually booms off the spot. 3:23
    Rev Rate: 450 average
    Speed: 18mph off the hand.
    Speed is probably why.

    1. What balls are you throwing that come off the spot good for you. I have a teammate who throws extremely fast like that ??

    2. @kharlos patrick I use the Phaze II a lot, my favorite ball. That ball works wonders. I’d recommend that ball to anybody.

      I’ve recently been throwing a 900 Global Zen as my pearl ball, that thing is a great compliment to the Phaze II. If the Phaze II is burning up, the Zen comes in clutch.

      I’d never recommend the HyRoad series to anybody that throws over 17mph. Unless of course you bowl sport shots, then maybe. HyRoads are the king of over-under. I’ve thrown both the HyRoad, and HyRoad X, they are way too situational.

      Roto Grip Rubicon would be a great “asymmetrical” solid that picks up as well.

      P.S Phaze II is the GOAT, Zen is a great compliment to the Phaze II. Go for low RG balls. Like this Absolute is 2.48 RG and it’s an asymmetrical hybrid, so it’s on my radar.
      I usually wait to see how a ball performs for others before I buy it though.

    3. Yea I’m no expert at the science of ball reactions or what not, but 18 MPH matched with 450 RPM, I’d go out on a limb and say your shot is speed dominant, probably would be better suited with a solid coverstock, or get this and dull it down. Or slow your shot down lol.

    4. @crimsontide1980 I have only solids, Phaze II is good, everything else, meh. Either bowling on super dry lanes, or really sloppy lanes. HyRoad X is a solid, but that thing doesn’t like to move.

  4. BEANS!!!
    Welcome back from vacation…I hope your family is doing well…
    This ball reaction looks like a house shot killer!!!
    Keep up the great work!!!

  5. I have a Nova and a Maximum Results. Where does it land in comparison to them? I was thinking about getting the Exotic Gem but will wait if the Absolute is better. Thanks everyone!

  6. CB’ I have mine on pre order from BowlersMart both of them, I’m hoping that the Advent is like the Spectre that I don’t understand why they couldn’t give it a different color like the Wolverine

  7. My friend has had one of these for around 2 weeks now and absolutely loves it, he says it’s an awesome ball.

  8. Hoping this ball is somewhat comparable to the Hyper Cell Fused. I had one, was my absolute favorite ball, my go to, and somehow the sonofabitch cracked sitting in my bonus room. Sat for about 6 weeks and it decided to destroy itself. Ever since then I’ve been trying to find something reminiscent of it, tried several asym. hybrids and nothing seems to have the same ball shape. I was recommended a Rotogrip UFO but to me there’s no comparison. UFO is a good solid ball but it’s no Hyper Cell Fused.

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