Storm Absolute Ball Review! This Bowling Ball Has MAJOR Potential!

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Today we are reviewing the all new Storm Absolute! New core and cover combo always makes for a great time! Enjoy the review and please leave some feedback on the new camera angle!

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42 Comments on “Storm Absolute Ball Review! This Bowling Ball Has MAJOR Potential!”

  1. Storm Absolute bowling ball is looking very good I really can’t wait to come out it’s definitely going to be in my bag

  2. Thanks for the review of 2 layouts. Great stuff as usual, Luis. I’d like to see Chris roll them as well if possible. Will you be doing a comparison video of them versus the UFO Alert or X2?

  3. Great review! Please keep up the secondary camera angle. Allows for a different view to see a broader scope of ball activity and also for us working on release and footwork it’s good to be able to see (as an example) how you deal with physical game in a different view.

  4. I absolutely love tall 5in pins for my pearls.. no pun intended and yes i know this is hybrid but think for me a 5in pin would be perfect. Just don’t know if I would buy 1 because I think it may just overlap my infinite (which is probably my favorite pearl of all time) and I also have a fate.

    1. Well if the one you have with the 5in pin is just gonna collect dust I know a guy you could dispose of it to lmao

  5. Luis when I first heard of this ABSOLUTE joint I was doing my research and Darren’s and Barnes perspective also it looks like it’s going to be the CLOSEST thing to the UFO Alert 🛸‼️ Great Video review and it looks like a great ball… Plus I was already sold about getting it 😂

  6. Another solid review Luis! I Like the the lower camera angle for seeing footwork and release but the higher one for ball path. If I had to chose 1 it would be the old, higher one but adding the 2nd lower one in has added benefits for sure..

  7. I can’t wait for your review on the revenant. Both the absolute and the revenant looked sharp. I am leaning towards the revenant but may get both depends on how well these 2 balls would compliment each other.

  8. Amazing ball from storm, would love to see a video experimenting with different surfaces as this ball has really gotten my attention

  9. This new cam angle is much easier to see where you are ending up at the slide and seeing where the ball actually rolls. Makes it easier to compare where you are playing vs where I do. Also the ball motion looks more realistic vs the higher cam angle.

  10. Hey man I love all the videos. I was just looking for a little advice. I bowl where there is heavy oil on the lanes and I use the idol helios. (thanks to your ball recommendations:) ) and I am just wondering as a two handed bowler how should I play the lane. I use a 14 pound ball drilled pretty standard and don’t think playing far right is worth it anymore because i feel as though it’s making me hook the ball less at other places. Should I try to work on more axis rotations or do you think i could get away with maybe throwing it a little slower. (Im at 15 mph rn) Thanks!

    1. no def not! Playing what the lanes give you is th biggest part in bowling! If you have tp play straighter at this one center then so be it and work on your inside game at other places

  11. loved the review. At first I did not like the lower camera angle because the lane deck was not as visible to me, but as I watched more, I found it a better view to see the side to side path of the ball. I hope you incorporate both angles so we also keep the good look at the front to back motion.

  12. The lower angle is nice, but it does make it tough to see your down lane target / break point at the range finders. Maybe show the lower angle as a smaller insert in the bottom right corner of the frame and keep the higher angle as the main view?

    1. I def wont be doing picture in picture. makes it hard to focus if there’s two shots on the same clip

  13. Definitely like the new camera angle. It gives a good view of line of sight as to how you are playing lane on your moves

  14. I like the new angle it lets us see the balls path easier and helps me personally see where on the lane the ball slows down

  15. I love the Absolute! Very, very clean and so easy to scoot through the front part of the lane! With my softer ball speed of 15-16 mph, I need that extra push through the fronts. I was so impressed with the ball that I drilled up a second one! I drilled my first Absolute pin down 85 × 4 1/2″ × 75. My second Absolute is a pin up layout 90 × 4 1/2″ × 45.

    1. Hey Luis! I just drilled up a 3rd Absolute This time, I used a super short pin layout of 120 x 3/4″ x 75!

  16. I’m a two finger bowler and thinking getting this ball as my first asymmetric core ball. Any suggestions on drilling and is it really important as to how it is drilled?

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