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    1. It’s going to be a similar situation, surface is pretty mathematical. More surface will be earlier and smoother, more shine will be longer and sharper. You can take the difference you see here and apply it to other balls, like a Hustle Camo for instance, which is a solid. 4K fast vs 1500 polish on that will be the same story, 4K fast will be a bit earlier and smoother than 1500 polish.

    1. CTD encourages you to surface the ball out of the box to match the advertised surface. You’ll never get box finish back as you have no idea what it could be and it’s not uncommon for them to be way off.

  1. Hy road original sure feels better polished. I liked it being later. Probably going to 5k pad it or polish it per storm replicate 1500 grit polish.

    1. They use Abralon, start at 360 and work up one grit at a time until 4k sanded. The other video announcing the 4k fast change goes into how they do it specifically

  2. Sometimes when I buy a solid ball if it’s too early I’ll take it home stick it on my spinner sand it too 3-4K grit abralon and then shine it up with I forget which compound I was using it was a pearling compound for back end snap, Storm step 2 is that a new polishing compound? I been away from bowling for a while due to health issues I’m coming back this year think I’m finally gonna buy a hyroad never owned one

  3. I think most of us would be interested in learning the exact steps for how to re-create the original 1500 Polish. Grit steps, which product you use, etc. so that we can re-create the old finish reliably for those of us who prefer the previous OOB finish.

  4. After a few months my Phaze 3 has lost some of its shine . It reads a bit earlier and doesn’t hit as hard in the back end. Can I polish it to make it longer and sharper?

    1. Absolutely. You always want to keep the surface fresh. I clean after every set, and re-sand and polish after every 9 games.

    1. @Luke Rosdahl I certainly didn’t post it for attention why would anyone care that I said the high road Pearl is probably getting discontinued???

    2. @Jeremy Brady I didn’t say you did, I’m saying that someone you heard it from, or someone THAT person heard it from was trying to create buzz, because that’s the kind of thing that would create buzz . . if someone said the Hy-Road was getting discontinued, it’d spread around like crazy and people would get up in arms about it, it’d be a hot topic. That would be the reason for mentioning it in the first place, or saying someone had better go grab one now before they disappear. A company discontinuing something that popular with that kind of history would be a big deal, it’d be like Motiv discontinuing the Venom Shock, if the news were to come out about that, there would be a lot of drama and buzz. There would be no reason to say anything until there’s an official press release otherwise. If it’s a ball no one really cares about, no point in saying anything. I know your point here wasn’t to do that though, you were simply wondering why they wouldn’t use something newer. The reason I think they used this one is because it’s been around so long and so many people have owned one that it’s a lot more relatable comparison, it’s a ball that a LOT of people are familiar with, so that makes the comparison more understandable.

    3. @Luke Rosdahl I would go so far as to say that one of the reasons why’re they’re using the Hy-Roads is because they WILL be around a lot longer. It will still be a relevant video for years to come. Another factor in not discontinuing the Hy-Roads is because (thanks to the USBC) the catalog is a little thin. USBC created holes in SPIs lineup and Storm won’t be making the holes any bigger by discontinuing staples in the line.

    4. @Rich Kollmeyer and that’s exactly what I asked if this decision was made before or after the hardness test… I believe before all those balls were outlawed (not really lol) it does mean the ball is prolly staying . But before it happen I think they were on way out now I think after all this they will stay so I stand corrected .

    5. @Jeremy Brady I don’t think they were going anywhere. It’s mostly a numbers game – balls that sell get kept, balls that fall below a threshold get discontinued. Some balls, like the Hy-Road have a little more leeway. There’s something to be said about having a bowling ball coming up on it’s 14th birthday on the market. There would have to be an absolutely killer replacement to bump the legends out of the lineup – before or after the USBC got involved.

  5. Safe to assume that there will NOT be an option on picking the finish when ordering new balls? 4K Fast vs 4K Fast with the extra shine?

  6. In order to compare such subtle differences as these, you need to be super precise with targets. With where each ball was layed down, where it crossed the arrows, and where was the breakpoint. Were they ? No. 1st shot : 1500-polish : Arrows : 15.5 , Breakpoint : 2 (and more down lane)
    2nd shot : 4k Fast : Arrows : 16, Breakpoint : 3
    3rd shot : 4K + extra shine : Arrows : 16+ , Breakpoint : 4 (commentary was that it went “much further downlane”…didn’t seem so…)
    4th shot : 500+1000+step2 : Arrows 17, Breakpoint : 6.5
    5th shot : 4K fast : Arrows : 18, Breakpoint : 5
    Such differences (1-2 boards) (evan half a board at times), can be responsible for what we see, instead of grit differences above 4000 with all balls being very shiny.
    So there may be a small difference, but it isn’t easy to show that without a robot thrower.

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