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  1. WOW! Great Vid. I’m not a two handed bowler, but the info is great. I’m not sure how much of the info applies to one handed, three hole, drills. I would greatly appreciate it if you could explain that

    1. So on symm cores what is the minimum pin to finger distance you would recommend so that we get a defined PSA below the holes?
      3 3/8 pin to fingers?

  2. Excellent excellent video! Alex does an amazing job thoroughly explaining complex topics.

    I’ll be utilizing this system to get another perspective on my current layouts and intend on doing some experiments with this system to create better ball motion for myself.

  3. Very informative, but what changes to the numbers if the bowler has for example 3/4″ reverse in both fingers or even 1/2″ or a combination of both? recently drilled a hyroad max, @2 1/4 depth, if i drill it deeper to 3 or 3 1/2 should it tame the ball down with the reverse pitches with a 4 1/2 pin?

  4. Most 2 handers don’t need the same increased “dynamics” from drilling when they have such high rev rates.

  5. Seems very similar to Radical’s layout, however, Storm increases the cg arc (pin to rf line) by several inches for their standard

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