Sport Series Part 3 of 3 | 2021 PBA Shark Oil Pattern

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The PBA oil patterns are some of the hardest oil patterns to combat on the lanes! In this video Andrew and myself are bowling on the all new 2021 PBA Shark Oil Pattern. Our goal for the video is to show you how to score and navigate these tough patterns! Let me know if y'all want to see more videos like these on PBA patterns. This is Part 3 of 3 so be on the look out for the other 2!

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47 Comments on “Sport Series Part 3 of 3 | 2021 PBA Shark Oil Pattern”

    1. I bowled on the Badger this summer and it’s not a fun pattern one bit 😂😂 I threw one 200 game out of the 4 games I bowled on it

  1. Great video. Like all of them. I have my first tournament tomorrow. Dont know the pattern yet, but the information of breaking down the pattern helps.

    1. Yes, it does. Stay right till need to move left to break down the pattern. I’m taking the Forge Flare (2000G), Villain(3000G), Nemesis(1500G), Redline (4000G), Shock (4000G), plus 1 more that is undecided. I have the Blitz, Golden Jackal, and Covert Tank left. The Redline got me into the top 8 out of 20-25 bowlers. So I’m building around that ball.

    2. I finished 6th with +92 pins above out of 33 bowlers, I want to say it was a modified Winding Road USBC Pattern. I used the Nemesis and Villain most of the tournament.

  2. Been loving the vids recently. I’m jealous bc i can’t go bowling rn (covid) but will be going as soon as the restrictions go away. keep up the good work! Edit: Just saw the new jackal coming out on the 29th. IM HYPED

  3. Yes I bowled on patterns and versus house shots there is no miss room on patterns. Usually if you miss left it takes off left and if you miss right it does not have enough to come back or gutters. Plus I am always prepping surface during practice on patterns rather than on house shots.

    1. @MotivLou it is even more nerve racking when it is the 15 minute or 10 minute practice before the first game of the tournament. I try to play different zones on the small amount of time and try to find something manageable. It is like a cluster f@&$.

  4. I played this exact pattern last night. I played it a little differently, but I did use my Venom Shock in the end. I played the outside and slowed my ball speed way down. Lefty bowler here.

    1. I’m not good at lowering my ball speed I wish I was! This upcoming year I’ll be adding more lefty love to my channel !

    2. I didn’t do that great but I was doing better than playing straighter. I’m a higher rev and medium/high speed player. I’ll probably try to keep it in the middle next time.

  5. I remember when I first tuned in to your videos you had 700, and always saying hit the like & the video, the shirts I got are fantastic (5). Now you have over 3k ppl. Congratulations & a Happy New year to you and your Best

  6. I’ve bowled on the Taj Mahal pattern, Chameleon,shark, scorpion & a HSE 32 short scratch league (summer)
    Great video,always

  7. Really like your how to play the sport pattern series.
    But you should really post your guys three game series so we can see how you did compared to your house shot averages.
    This will help us understand better how difficult these patterns are.

    1. I appreciate the feedback. Scores are relative though. My goal in this series was to show you how we have to play 3 different lines for each pattern and when we make small misses that typically strike they arent even close on these patterns

    2. @MotivLou Yep, appreciate that. But, as a follow up series, It would be good to revisit these three patterns now that you have understood how to break them down correctly, grab a pair this time, give yourself’s 5 min of warm up and then start play and include all shots, even spares. Treat it like the finals of a tournament. It would be great to watch, really.

    3. Again scores is all subjective. All depends on how you’re bowling that day and if you’re matched up or not. The goal for this series wasn’t to show score. My goal for the series was to show you how to break down a sport pattern the correct way and to show how different they are compared to a house shot. If I bowl 3 games on shark and 3 games on house and I manage to shoot higher on shark that day it doesn’t mean shark is an easier pattern than a house shot

    4. @MotivLou I only mentioned this because I know and bowl with amazing house shot bowlers who average 225 and shoot 300 games and would beat me 10 out of 10 times on house, but when we went to Nationals in 2019, I shot higher than them despite it being my first time bowling on a sport pattern. They were 60-80 pins under their house shot avg while I was only 10 pins under my house avg and actually shot 3 pins above my sport adjusted average. I just wanted people to understand that if you develop a “house shot” style of play, it does not translate to difficult sport shots like Nationals. I am a Classic Full Roller, so I am rolling slow up around second arrow with a straight heavy rolling ball that doesn’t move much on the back. So regardless of the pattern I am pretty much playing my game. The difference at Nationals was that I had to repeat shots and hit a smaller target consistently compared to house. On house I am trying to stay within a 3 board range while at Nationals that had to be one board. I learned at Nationals that I wanted to be bowler, not a house shot bowler. My bowling goal is to be able to avg 180 on any pattern. If I can do that, then I can call myself a bowler.

  8. Loved it Lou! You guys have given me so much knowledge and information from these videos. Although I have not been able to go out to bowl due to some physical challenges I’ve been having I feel like a better bowler just from the content itself. Much respect to you and your guest for what you’re doing. Hint: After this series maybe you guys can do something on how hand positions change the motion of the bowling ball. ✌💯🙏

    1. I’m glad that you feel we have helped you in any way that’s amazing to hear! Yea that’s something we can probably put together!

    1. @MotivLou do you recommend any big time surface alternations for the Shark Pattern? Like 500? 360? The arsenal I was considering taking to a regional in May on Shark is Storm Proton Physix, Storm Gravity Evolve, Hyper Cell Fused, Parallax, and a Spare Ball. Thanks for any advice!

  9. Hi

    Whats the best Ball between the Forge Flare and the forge Fire and is the supra a step down from the Forge Fire?


  10. I agree with you completely about breaking down the pattern but you can only do that on your practiced pair in a tournament so you can’t spend much time worrying about that I think you talked about that too much when it’s out of your control most of the time yeah you might have a 250 the first game or two but if you cannot overcome awkward transition you’ll have a hard time breaking 200

  11. Being a lower rev rate and more up the back of the ball bowler I had trouble getting any hook once the ball left the oil pattern. Thinking I was using too much surface 2000 grit. I switched to a ball that was 4000 grit and I finally started to get some back end hook on this pattern and strike

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