Sport Series Part 2 of 3 | 2021 PBA Bear Oil Pattern

The PBA oil patterns are some of the hardest oil patterns to combat on the lanes! In this video Andrew and myself are bowling on the all new 2021 PBA Bear Oil Pattern. Let me know if y'all want to see more videos like these on PBA patterns. This is Part 2 of 3 so be on the look out for the other 2 on PBA Viper and PBA Shark!

Here are the links to everything in the video! I would super appreciate if you use my links to check out the products!

Desert Tank-
Venom Shock-
Fatal Venom-
Forge Fire-
Forge Flare-
Jackal Flash-
SST 6 Boa-
3 Ball Roller-
3 Ball Tote-
2 Ball Tote-
Power Gel Polish-
Amplify Cleaner-
CTD Trucut Pads-

My Gear
Apple Watch-
Ring Light-
Mini Tripod-

44 Comments on “Sport Series Part 2 of 3 | 2021 PBA Bear Oil Pattern”

    1. I tried them in practice and the look just wasnt there for me. I’m sure if I had committed to playing straighter it would have looked great LOL

    1. @Layne Benton Typically for me they have been the short short stuff like Wolf. But after filming the shark pattern that might be it !

  1. Bowled on it in the summer VSP with surface created a fall back shot around 10 not high scoring but manageable

  2. Could you make a video about the most versatile motiv balls? Also maybe the most underrated or something like that

  3. Thanks again Lou. I have so much trouble adjusting to sports conditions. During the transition my adjustments are slow and I pay badly with low scores. I hope we can have more sport shot leagues in my area.

    1. Had I brought my ghost I prob would have used it on all three patterns LOL Im in the process of changing all my thumbs so I only have access to 6 balls right now

  4. Hey Luis, What is the comparison to say the USBC Championship Nationals? Is the Bear a longer oil pattern?

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  6. I bowled on the 2021 bear pattern today and started with my !Q tour edition at 4000 then moved to my black widow 2.0 at 3000 and averaged 234 for 6. I played as straight as I could with the !Q.

    1. @MotivLou Thank You. Ended up getting the Venom Shock because of your channel. Bowled a 279 first game. Using it as a transitional ball. Now I’m getting that Jackal Ghost.

  7. I have a pin down golden Jackel, it has similar RG and diff, to the jackal flash, Would you consider that as a possibility since I don’t have to jackal flash, since it’s pin down it won’t get much down lane due to its layout.

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