Sport Series Part 1 of 3 | 2021 PBA Viper Oil Pattern

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The PBA oil patterns are some of the hardest oil patterns to combat on the lanes! In this video Andrew and myself are bowling on the all new 2021 PBA Viper Oil Pattern. Let me know if y'all want to see more videos like these on PBA patterns. This is Part 1 of 3 so be on the look out for the other 2 on PBA Bear and PBA Shark!

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41 Comments on “Sport Series Part 1 of 3 | 2021 PBA Viper Oil Pattern”

  1. Nice to see the Thrill get some play. You don’t often see these “low end” bowling balls get play which makes them an after thought to most people. Great video.

  2. What’s your opinion on the forge? I see a lot of people talking about the forge flare and forge fire but I can’t really find much on the forge.

    1. The Forge is a great ball IMO its just too slow of a ball. Its really good on short or when you need to keep your angles closed. The Flare is just so much better of a ball

    2. Thanks for the advice. I’m thinking about ordering a new ball and had my eye on the forge balls. Keep up the good work! Happy holidays

  3. Awesome video, and great insight on how to play tougher patterns. Looking forward to the next two episodes!

  4. Forge Is a strong core, but u guys should have tried a big asym with surface, and tried taking hand out, and brining the speed. Usually can get them to roll out on the fresh, and not over hook, then get a nice bumper on the outside.

    1. That for sure could have been a good option! For me however I don’t like to try and do “extra” things like taking hand out or slowing down if I don’t absolutely have to =)

  5. This format is excellent. If Covid ever goes away I want to try tournaments and other patterns besides the house. Watching you talk your way thru why you are choosing the various balls, helps so much, thanks.

    1. That’s awesome to hear!! If you’ve never bowled on a sport shot you def wanna at least try it! Def harder than house. Next two videos are on pba patterns as well

  6. That was the best video I’ve seen you do! Thank you for the lesson in the short viper oil and the use of the balls Andrew & You used. It was FANTASTIC. Thanks Luis
    Oh yes, thanks for the extra videos you’ve done for us to look @ again

  7. That forge looked great! I feel like I’m going to be buying a lot more balls in the near future! Better warn my wife now lol

  8. If you didn’t start with the tank it would hard to stay lined up that’s how you break it down great show ☺️

    1. Yea I have to agree with that! On these patterns especially I love the Desert because it lets me play really straight and break down the pattern the right way!

  9. When your done with this series can you do up like a spreadsheet or a list of some sort as to a ball ranking on each of the patterns as to what was the worst on a pattern and what was best

  10. Hey Lou you ever hear of a oil pattern in PBA named kegel highway to hell 50 UL’s (wow) 40 ft long.. I bet that’s a BEAST?

  11. I’ve watched a few of your videos and I think that the Venom Shock is in my future as my middle, or benchmark ball. At the low end of the arsenal, I want something clean with a more angular look at the back end. I’ve been thinking about either the Thrill or the Fatal Venom for this role. Still undecided what I want for the oily lanes ball.

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