7 Comments on “So Maybe I Don’t Hate The Storm Dark Code Anymore?! #shorts #bowling #darkcode”

    1. Its my go to middle of game 2 after the solid symmetric angles get too steep and want something to be able to be clean through the heads and still have strong back end shape.

      I find as the oil transitions further down, the dark code sometimes burns up and you catch others transition outside and she rolls flat at the end of the pattern.

      I end up going back to the solid sym at a tighter angle, around beginning of game 3.

  1. JR Raymond seems to think it’s the greatest ball out there right now, or at least uses it a lot in tournaments.

    1. A lot of people are using the UFO Alert, Dark Code, Altered Reality, NOVA depending on the cover/core strength/shape they need. These all seem to be in the same general area strength if you would graph the cores and covers.

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