Smooth Vs Angular | What’s The Difference In Ball Motion?! Bowling terminology!

In todays video we are going over the differences between a smooth bowling ball and an angular one or how its also referred to as fast and slow!

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18 Comments on “Smooth Vs Angular | What’s The Difference In Ball Motion?! Bowling terminology!”

  1. What do you think about this bowling ball wild streak and have you bowl with this bowling ball before

  2. I think you should’ve featured the Gem (slow) and hyroad pearl (quick). put tape on the ball so people can see what the difference from when the ball enters the roll phase to actually reacting on the end of the pattern. Gem might be the slowest big ball I’ve seen

  3. Luis thanks for your content every week 🙂 … Smooth vs Angular: If you play on harder pattern like PBA Chameleon with big friction for example the difference between proMotion and Hy-Road Pearl will be amazing. -> With Hy-Road cannot control on such pattern in first game.

  4. Hermosa eleccion 9😍 XX18LIKE.Uno de mejor siempre en mi corazónm mañas no se la.🌹🤩💜 Son unos de los mejores conciertos.

  5. I know the smoother balls are for heavier oil, but can used smoother equipment for medium to light oil?

  6. Great video. I still think I struggle with understanding ball motion as much as I should. Bowling in a tournament this weekend I was struggling with 8 and 9 pin leaves with a smooth ball. I also have a pearl asym that doesn’t seem to want to get into a roll. I sanded it a bit rougher under the polish, but I have to throw it at least a mile an hour slower to get it to roll at all. Looking forward to more videos like this. Take care!

  7. Tough for out of town guys wit the pro motion if it doesn’t look good for Nationals cause we only bring 6
    Well most of us do
    I also have a OG idol drilled same way
    So one of them will be with me

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