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  1. Wouldn’t the smoother motion he saw be more due to the coverstock than the core? Both balls have low RG, high diff cores, and the cores themselves don’t really dictate if a ball is smooth or angular.

    1. the asymmetry of the Predator core definitely causes a different motion, but you are correct, the coverstock plays a huge difference.

  2. Here’s my issue and I notice motiv does this a lot. Uneducated bowlers who buy up every new release are looking for the next biggest-hook to add to the bag but don’t know how to really bowl. Balls are tools and are meant to use for certain conditions or situations. These ball reviewers and motiv especially get their staffers out with big Rev rates and put a ton of rotation on the ball and slow their speed to get it out super far to make it seem like there’s a ton of hook. Marketing to make money versus selling education of the game

    1. We certainly try to do both. Obviously we need to market our equipment, but we also want to educate the bowlers on how each new piece fits in our line. This video literally compares two of our biggest balls because the Sky Raptor was releasing at the time. When a low end ball like a Thrill comes out, we will show how that piece fits in the line and how it is weaker and designed to be used on dry conditions. We want bowlers to be happy with their purchase and so education is key.

    2. I personally think Motiv should show three different pin locations on the same ball. So people can understand the different angles. Pin up tends to hook harder in the backend while pin down will hook less in the backend. Pin in the palm will roll in good length before start to hook. But I like how Motiv shows the difference between ghost and sky raptor.

    3. Well, it’s apples to apples since he went slow anf big wheeled it with a lot of hand. You can see the raptor snapping a bit harder and later. Typical for a pearl, vs the earlier read of a solid.

      I agree with you, it’s a marketing tactic, but it’s not deception. I think for house bowlers, either ball will do the trick, play straight up the 10 with the jackal, follow transition until the raptor is needed for the down lane recovery. Rinse, repeat, average 220 like a THB.

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