Sky Raptor – The Testing Process

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We filmed this Sky Raptor ball testing video earlier this year and are excited to finally be able to show you just a small glimpse of our ball testing process!

This particular test was about halfway through our testing process. We'd already narrowed down the color options and had gone through multiple rounds of testing to get to this point. You can see that we weren't quite finished after this video and still had a bit of work to go!

We put an incredible amount of R&D into each release to ensure that every single ball we create serves a specific intent and fills a gap in our product line. The Sky Raptor is intended to create incredible angle and be the ball that bowlers can transition to after heavy oil patterns breakdown to “open up” a pattern earlier and stay ahead of the moves. #MOTIVNATION - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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17 Comments on “Sky Raptor – The Testing Process”

    1. We have a lot of proprietary processes and things that we do differently from other companies so we do not do tours at all. We keep our factory very tight under wraps!

  1. Fascinating, cool stuff. Seeing the process, seeing the testing. I’m a technical guy. I like numbers and specs. I’d like to see more content like this please. Nick is the man. Love MOTIV.

  2. Nick—Can you post your bowling stats. and what lane condition (length, volume, ratio) that you test on? Thanks Scott

    1. There’s not a specific pattern that we use for all testing. It depends on the ball and conditions that it is built for!

    2. @bowlmotiv Thanks! Maybe a good idea going forward when you drop a new ball video would be the lane condition you are using to show the ball. I believe bowlers in general are becoming much more knowledgeable.

  3. enjoyed the inside stuff, does the Pro’s also get a chance to test the formula’s? I have really enjoyed the last 6-8 new balls that Motiv has put out. I throw nothing but Motiv, and I feel i have pretty good 12 ball arsenal. Im a tweener with about little more rev compare to speed. I seem to have a big difference with my pride, which i love and the Blue tank. the tank doesnt have as much down lane motion as my old Blitz. Blue tank motion suppose to be close to urethane more?

  4. How do you know if a ball is drilled correctly as far as pin placement? I have a Forge and a Ripcord, both drilled the same with the pin about an inch and a half to the right of the finger holes. My proshop did this without any questions. I saw the setup sheet from the box , and my setup does not match anything recommended

    1. They might have just put a standard layout on the ball. Some shops will get your PAP and layout the ball specific to you, which will give you the best results.

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