14 Comments on “Sky Raptor – MOTIV Staff Compilation”

  1. Cool video talk tech bowling motiv sky raptor with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike hitting power at time

  2. It looks like a great ball. My question is why no left handed bowlers in your video? Just a thought maybe include them and women next time.

    1. For this video, I always put out a request for videos from our staffers to send me a shot of them throwing the ball. Unfortunately, on this ball, none of our female or lefty bowlers responded… I’ll make sure to get some from them in the future.

  3. The cool thing to know is i had the idea of doing this world wide for motiv staffers. It felt like they where all staffers, but never knew who they was.

    I have traveled 6-7 times to USA and drilled only Motiv balls with the guy that had the promo video on motivs website. Saw how the video was made also😄

    I am sitting here wkth a motiv shirt❤ No other brand for me!

  4. God i wish i could get this ball, just simply dont have the money for it.

    Also im mildly disappointed you didn’t get a clip for this of Andres screaming “CAH CAW!!!” AFTER A STRIKE 😂

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