Sky Raptor Ball Motion Video with Andrew Anderson

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The Sky Raptor™ brings the legendary Raptor™ line soaring back for worldwide release! Featuring the new Affliction™ V2 core and new Dynamic Infusion™ pearl reactive technology, the Sky Raptor™ is specifically designed to create downlane motion in heavy oil environments. You can have confidence that the Sky Raptor™ will clear the front of the lanes with ease and come screeching back with speed to attack the pocket.

When to Use

Speed Dominant – Most pearlized coverstocks provide so much length that they are nearly impossible to use for speed dominant bowlers. With a huge symmetrical core and the true heavy oil pearl cover, the Raptor Sky is a pearl that speed dominant players can use confidently without the typical fear of a ball that is “too clean.”

Balanced Bowlers – For balanced bowlers there will be many uses for a ball like the Raptor Sky. First of all, for players who prefer to see down lane motion, this is a pearl that can be used early in blocks and on higher volumes when pearls are normally difficult to use. Additionally, this is a strong enough pearl that when the highest rev rate players make their move in to create angle, balanced bowlers can keep up with the moves. So often, balanced bowlers lose pins on the highest rev rate players just because they can not move in as quickly. This Raptor Sky allows for aggressive moves and angles.

Rev Dominant Bowlers – Rev dominant and two handed bowlers often prefer to allow for down lane motion and to use faster responding coverstocks early in competition. This allows the rev-dominant player to “open up” a pattern earlier and stay ahead of the moves. The Raptor Sky is the the pearl that lets rev dominant players be aggressive with moves across the lane. So often, those first moves have to be made using smoother solid reactive balls because of the traction they provide. Now there is a pearl that can make the shape down lane while still giving that confidence in the middle of the lane. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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19 Comments on “Sky Raptor Ball Motion Video with Andrew Anderson”

  1. I have them venom shock , venom cobra , venom panic all pin in palm , alpha jackal and jackal ghost same layout pin under ring finger mb under my thumb and to the left of it, tank rampage with high flare layout and I hated it to begin with but I sanded it with 1500trucut and 3000trucut to have a little shine to it and I love it now, primal rage remix with pin level with fingers . All balls I sanded with trucut sanding pads and I mainly used my jackals and the shock and cobra Haven’t used my panic yet.

  2. I remember my P7 when it came out, loved that ball. Nice analysis, too, I like the walkthrough of what the ball can do.

  3. I wish Motiv would use at least one low rev, average speed bowler along with their high powered pros to demonstrate their new balls. Few of us regular league guys throw like any of the pros on the Motiv team (our whole team’s revs combined would be hard to match just Tackett’s). While fun to watch they are useless to average bowlers trying to figure out which Motiv product to buy.

    1. @Iceman511 Pretty obvious I’m not talking about pro bowlers. Quite frankly, there are a lot of low rev low speed bowlers in the world. Go to your local bowling and just observe. If Motiv is only making balls for high rev, high speed pros it will be out of business in a week. These videos aren’t meant to entice pro bowlers to buy Motiv balls but rather, I would assume, the rest of us non-pros.

    2. @Jerry Casper why would you want a ball made for a suboptimal way of bowling, when you can stop bowling suboptimally?

  4. Andrew Anderson has got to have one of the sweetest releases in the PBA along side Kris Prather. He really knows how to wrap his hand aroubd a bowling ball. 😯😯😁

  5. Motiv Rogue Assassin is my favorite Motiv ball. Good ball review video, good luck to Andrew Anderson in the 2023 PBA season.

  6. I just bowled with this ball for the first time last night and I bowled a 269 249 290 for an 808 series

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