Skid Flip vs. Continuation – What’s the Deal? – #MoMonday

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It's #MoMonday!

This week, Phil discusses the difference between skid-flip ball motion and a continuous ball motion. This often subtle difference can be the difference you see as the ball rolls down the lane and how it goes through the pins.

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10 Comments on “Skid Flip vs. Continuation – What’s the Deal? – #MoMonday”

  1. continuation is my choice always has been, skid flip is to inconsitiatant for my ball speed. yea. 1st one 🙂

  2. Can you do a quick video about this with regards to layouts? Pin distances and VAL angles that help create each motion….

  3. Thank you for explaining the int. diff and it’s effect on ball motion. Love my intel pearl during transition. Skid flip on that ball.
    My results solid has the continuation motion but needs oil.
    My bonus has also a continuous motion but I use it fresh short patterns or when the lane is breaking down on the track area and I need to move left.

  4. I bought the Results + and drilled it 65x5x40 for lanes that have mixed results(more continuation and more hook). The Results + allows
    me to adjust to either condition. I also have a Prism Hybrid and Phantom in my arsenal. Love the Results + and will look into the Radical line
    more when it is time to replace my Brunswick balls.

  5. If the skid flip is to angular in the pocket, and you are leaving splits, how to fix this?.. should do a video on altering that surface and get better roll in the pocket.

  6. I had to realearn some. bowled on 42-44 feet of oils for house shots for past 25 yrs in Mass before that was woooden short oils. Here in NC l bowl and the pattern is 37 foot house.. all my stuff l had from the longer oil l cant use love continous look thru the pocket but have to really move right since l am a lefty. Have a conspiracy theory drilled to tame it down but l am starting on like 30 on the right and sending it out to 8 on the break. sometimes works sometimes doenst, need something an a recommmended drilling to move left some so l dont have to swing it as much. older guy here so l dont have the power l used too. Have a ridiculous ASYM and a OG Guru l cant use down here love radical since it came out and always been a brunswick guy

  7. My speed is avg 13 (reduced it bcos of my lumbar pain issues), rev rate around 225 rpm, PAP is 5 & 7/8Up. Can you please suggest a strong Skid-Flip layout and a strong Continous layout – both for heavy oil pattern? Can I continue with the same layout for drier oil patterns but with weaker ball? I recently drilled one of my balls as 75-4-25 and although it is good but still not satisfied with the same. Not very sure about my axis tilt but my oil tracks touch the thumb hole…high tracks. Please help….Thanks.

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