Six Shot Challenge vs Another YouTube! MotivLou vs Luke Rosdahl

Heres another six shot challenge! This time with arguably my favorite bowling YouTube! Who will come out on top?!?

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12 Comments on “Six Shot Challenge vs Another YouTube! MotivLou vs Luke Rosdahl”

  1. Lou I think you let him win. Pro motion is the GOAT for storm. Great video as always and nice to see a different type of equipment….thanks for the link to Luke’s page.

  2. Have a challenge video with Tamer Albaga, he’s a great lefty as well. And he throws all brands of bowling balls.

  3. Lou and Luke – 2 classy dudes. These 2 guys have set the bar for YouTube bowling ball review industry.

  4. Very cool to see you and Luke do a video together. He’s one of my favorite ball reviewers, along with you, Tamer, and The Free Agent Bowler. I’ve been a storm guy for awhile, but I definitely want to give Motiv a try

  5. Hell yeah, love this.
    Definitely nice to see Motiv equipment up against other manufacturers. Would love to see Motiv up against Hammer.
    Since I’m a Southpaw, it’s even better seeing a lefty throwing.

    More, more, more of these.

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