Should You Be Using a Plastic Ball For Spares? – #RadicalRundown

It's time again for the #RadicalRundown!

In this episode, Phil & Andrew discuss strategies in shooting your spares and whether it would be beneficial to use plastic or resin (or even urethane!). As always, tell us your thoughts and what you're most comfortable using. Do you change hand positions with resin or prefer to stay the same and use plastic? Do you find that your ball speed goes higher shooting spares or does it stay the same?


6 Comments on “Should You Be Using a Plastic Ball For Spares? – #RadicalRundown”

  1. I bowl in a house that anything past 8 is like the Sahara desert. I love to keep my shot in front of me. Not saying I can’t get the ball out but. I’m not as consistent. Advice?? It’s a 40 foot pattern. About 17 mils of oil and nothing past 8.

  2. I have tried everything. I use the ball necessary for what’s in front of me. It took me a bit but I rarely miss a corner pin working with my spy. I still flatten my hand a little with it due to the fact that lane conditions will change whether it has has a slight hook. I throw it at everything that does not have the head pin or a sleeper in it. Generally if I have the head pin I throw a variation of my strike ball. If it has a sleeper I may still throw the spy out there with a more aggressive hand position and a more active hand at release. I’ve thrown a 212 using nothing but the spy ball. If you don’t have it get it. It’s a great ball. Definitely the most used ball in my bag. I only throw radical balls and I have all of them since the zing pearl. It’s not the best ball radical makes as far as show, but if you wanna win that dough it will get thrown many times a game while you switch out your strike ball adjusting for lane conditions and the transition. The spy took me from a 140 to a 180 overnight. Once I got it dialed in to my style I rarely throw anything else at spares.

  3. Just had a spare practice session last week for my league games, lol.

    Bowled 30 clean with 16 spares! Struggled getting my ball through the pocket but was dialed in on spare shots.

    Mixed between my reactive and a spare ball (2 handed)

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