Should Urethane Bowling Balls Be Used On House Shots and Leagues?!?

Here's the age old question. Should Urethane bowling balls be used on a house shot and in league?! In this video I will go over this topic and why I believe what I believe!

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20 Comments on “Should Urethane Bowling Balls Be Used On House Shots and Leagues?!?”

  1. People waste so much energy on getting upset about what someone else is doing 😆 if someone wants to throw urethane, more power to them! My teammate and I get so much slack in league bc we have high rev rates and the oil is gone by game 2 😂 its so funny

  2. the UC3 has been a miracle ball for me. I’m still learning my own game. I’ve left it OOB finish and get plenty of skid, then continuous and good pickup downlane

  3. Last two weeks, I have been using a 900 Global Burner Pearl and UC3. My bowling center usually puts out a medium to medium/dry oil volumn. Both balls go through the front part of the lane very smoothly and have plenty of energy to go down lane and to the pins. Shot 723 two weeks ago and 656 last week. Last week could of been much better if I would have made my spares.

  4. I’m a fairly new subscriber and I have to say I’ve been enjoying your content you’re doing a great job and you’re very informative

  5. I throw my PH on the fresh house to create a breakpoint around 5 instead of 10. It will only last through the first game (sometimes less, depending on how many shots I get in practice), but it sets up my progression through my arsenal moving forward, and because I play it outside I rarely get any complaints… those were more common with the Tank straight up ten.

  6. In the past I’ve tried my Hammer Black Urethane & Storm Pitch Purple with no success on our house shot, until I purchased the UC3 – it is now my ‘one two punch’….with the Helios (fresh) UC3 when the lanes begin to transition.

  7. I would use urethane. If I’m struggling with asym balls I’m switching. Looks like I can stay in the same line longer.

  8. Thank you Luis for stating your answer to that question in the way that you did. I have never understood why anyone would think that they have any control or influence upon the equipment someone other than themselves can use. It is truly not even a question really. You bowl with whatever ball you feel gets you the best possible outcome for you. Bravo! Along the same lines, why has nobody thrown as much of a fit about reactive balls consuming oil like they do as opposed to them worrying about urethane. I think it can make a shot much more difficult with a lack of oil consumed by reactive resin, but I digress.

  9. I actually own both the UC3 and Pitch Black. I’ve thrown both on a house shot and the UC3 works really well for me. I get no motion on the PB, but i tried raising the surface on it. I’m not sure if my ideology on that is correct. I throw the UC3 because I like the motion i get out of it, and it’s consistent

  10. I had given up on Roto Grip after my 1st 2 balls from them, but I ordered the UC3 last night. Everything I’ve seen on it looks so good. Fingers crossed!

  11. I have both and use both on house shots for the reason you stated, they are weaker than the reactive balls I currently have. Plus I prefer the urethane shape

  12. For Luis second question, yes I will and have shot urethane on a house shot. Urethane allows a much more predictable reaction than reactive. In fact, I spent a full year throwing nothing but the Black Widow urethan, Purple Pearl, and Black Hammers and increased my average 10 sticks.

  13. Whatever gives you the best look, the best opportunity for repeat shots and better scoring is my answer. Tools of the trade my friend! I know it’s not traditional urethane but I’ve been throwing a lot from the Tank line in my leagues, which is at a high friction house.

  14. Got my UC3 about a week ago and I absolutely love it. I like playing down and in. It’s a much easier shot to repeat. Plus the UC3 is just a special ball. Definitely doesn’t perform like your typical “urethane”

  15. Recently, in our city tournament, I eventually had to throw my Pitch Black on a THS. Now, understand that this was for the singles and doubles events and there were only four of us on a pair. Add to that, none of them were left handed like me and we were all teammates.

    After 5 games on the same shot, the lanes were fried on my side with my rev rate. So I went with the PB to try to play inside the friction. Did it work? Nope. Either my skill with the PB or the lane conditions did not allow me to strike with that ball. I came away like you did with three wrap seven pins and quickly went to a less aggressive reactive ball that I polished the crap out of for those conditions. I ended the sixth game over 200.

    Urethane has a place. But I don’t use it enough to be proficient. I don’t bowl enough games on my side of the lane to usually have a use for it during league play. In fact, I have rarely used it during my senior scratch tournaments which is also on a house shot but with more lefties.

    The question I have about urethane is; why are people upset about a legal piece of equipment being used on a lane, but never complain about how a player’s rev rate burns it up? It doesn’t make sense to me. In conclusion, I think people just want to complain about their inability to adapt to the lane and deflect from their own ability. I see it as the same thing as a bowler taking a shot, missing their mark, and then spending 20 secs on the approach rubbing with their shoe like they stuck. Cmon dude. You didn’t stick. I just threw a shot just where you did and didn’t stick. You just threw a lousy shot!

  16. I’m a lefty and I actually love using urethane a lot on house shots… and some people don’t like when I do that but in the end I’m going to use the ball that gets the pins down so don’t let the urethane haters stop you from using it!

  17. I will always have a urethane ball in my bag when bowling other houses that im not familiar with however at my center i will never throw urethane . As for urethane in general for me the newer urethane stuff is a no go for me i have old urethane stuff such as a blue knight urethane or a old grenade. I get to much over under with the new urethanes. I am a low tilt high axis rotation guy so my ball wants to start soon and early.

  18. Yes. Because it is great for control and I’m like mid 400 revs and 16-17 mph. #purple 🔨 My teammates hate it when I use it though 😅🤣

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