45 Comments on “Should I Make The Switch?! #shorts #bowling #2hands”

  1. I vote yes. I switched and my game is a million times better than it ever was 1-handed. I’ve had a 299 both ways but I would never go back

    1. I shot a 278 when I was 13. I didn’t even come close to that until I was 18. Last July, I was 17 and a 1 hander. Not even a full year after I switched to 2 hands full time, and I shot a 279. And I’ve still got soooooooo much room for improvememt. Switching to 2 hands was the best decision I’ve ever made. Granted, I wouldn’t be an 8th of where I am today if I didn’t bowl 1 handed for 11 years

  2. Honestly, you got a decent foundation to take the thumb out of it. And with that you might actually like the pitch black a lot more

  3. I don’t believe it would make your average any better or worse but it would be highly entertaining to watch the transition process, also its definitely more of a workout

  4. No but I would keep it for different lane conditions that require more revs.

  5. Being honest, the weakest part of your 1H game is your awkward delayed backswing. Your 2H swing in this video is already as good as your 1H swing, even with I assume no real work on your 2H game. If you’re being serious, I’d say go for it, because I could see it being a step forward for you.

  6. honestly i say go for it, that shot already shows you can get around the back of the ball better

  7. i feel like you have such a strong game already i wouldnt necessarily transition but maybe just add is an option for times you need more revs and speed.

  8. 2H newbie gang! Recent convert trying to get past other issues. Having fun again so it must be working! 😅

  9. Makes you more versatile it like being a switch hitter….looks good!

    Love your Channel my man!!!
    Keep doing what you do…🎳

    1. @Luis Napoles Yea this dude is ganna blow his brains in 15 years when the whole tour is 2 handers

  10. For me I was a one handed no thumb righty and I would have bicep and shoulder problems after consecutive games so I switched to two handed and it made it easier for me to generate power and revs without straining the muscles in one arm.

    1. I’m one hand no thumb righty currently. I get bad pain in my hand after consecutive games. I’m thinking about switching to thumb in but I’ve already come a long ways with my technique with no thumb.

    2. @Micah Moss you might be releasing it wrong, i bowl for 4 hour earlier today and have 0 pain from it. Does your release feel fluid and comfortable or are you really having to put a lot of effort to strike?

    3. @Micah Moss I tried the two handed for a while but I bowled one hand no thumb right handed today and shot a 219 and then a 221 right after.

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