9 Comments on “Short Pin Layout on The GOAT!!”

  1. For me I love shot pin layouts but even more 1 inch pin layouts. I have 2 original forest green quantums and a quantum leap that are drilled strong pin down to out to the right of the right hander ring finger and it reacts the same as a 1 inch pin layout I have one dull the leap at 320 grit looks brand new just drilled and one forest green has been plugged 1 time and has same layout as leap and when the leap doesn’t have energy I go to the forest green with shine while the other one has been drilled 4 times 2 times in same spot to repair cracked plug and is in storage till i need it.

  2. Question.. what’s the most aggressive pin you can have on a bowling ball? For the most flare.. I’m curious and may try this out with my lower rev and more speed dominant style lol

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