SESH * Perfect Mindset * Ethos * Modified House shot * Brunswick 1-2 punch!!!

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0:00 Intro
0:11 Opening Comments
0:32 Perfect Mindset
4:12 Ethos
9:31 Summary
10:49 Ball Ratings

Chris Beans throws the Brunswick the PERFECT MINDSET & the ETHOS, the latest releases from Brunswick bowling. Beans tests on a 42ft modified house shot (not-fresh) with both balls.

Perfect Mindset:

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22 Comments on “SESH * Perfect Mindset * Ethos * Modified House shot * Brunswick 1-2 punch!!!”

  1. Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant, I’m going to get that ball. I need to get that ball because I need to get the ball down lane and pop on the back end. I got black widow 2.0 hybrid coming first and then that one. I’ll have enough bowling balls after that I guess.

  2. I bowl like you do with no thumb conventional grip. You should make the switch you look like you throw it really good that way.

  3. I’m really liking the Ethos. I just picked up the Teal Rhino Pro after trying it out at a demo event. If the Ethos had been there as well I think I would have ordered that ball too.

    Nice video. Looking forward to watching more of them.

    1. At this moment, hard to say because I haven’t thrown the Ethos on the fresh. But based on what I am seeing the Ethos as a more usable shape/look. the jab blood red is really angular and a bit moody. The Ethos seems to be much more consistent…

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