1. The spectre info is just from previous release. It is retired. Revenant is coming, just not sure when will be announced and which market. I’m betting USA/Worldwide release…

    1. this is the replacement. sapphire was pulled back from usa release for this one as they felt the name would have to much negative tied to it.

    1. Had to delete my previous comment, because this ball isn’t on the USBC approved list yet. But im sure will be announced as “approved” soon enough

  1. So why can’t they juat reissue the spectre with the new reacta gloss?? Why are they just canning the balls that were banned!

    1. It probably is, in the way that phase V is IV with reacta. At minimum it has to be a new color combo, but as BR said, best not to confuse things name wise. That’s why companies rebrand after a scandal.

    2. Because USBC would have to “un-ban it” and all the other balls. With the politics and scrutiny that would go with that, it’s probably 1000x easier to just changed the color, scent, give it a different name with the new reacta gloss and have USBC do their usual approval process from scratch.

  2. Cool video talk tech bowling ball storm revenant with Nano technology in the bowling ball more strike hitting power at time bowlers rant Chris beans

  3. Altered reality was a awesome ball luckily I have a volatility torque which is pretty much the same ball but they should fix them and bring them back out

  4. It all looks incredibly similar to that overseas Spectre Saphire that was in your last video!!! How big a difference is R2X compared to R3S?

  5. Excellent reporting, Chris.
    Took WAY too long for this ball to come out (especially since it STILL is not even announced). I had a Spectre and it’s insulting of Storm to think I would wait this long for a proper replacement.
    This is why I won’t buy any more Storm equipment.

    1. @Bowlers Rant With all due respect, I am not buying that argument. Storm could have given us more options than to just trade for balls we didn’t want on a tight deadline. I bought a Spectre because I wanted a Spectre. No way I would have been happy with a Hyroad or any of the other balls they offered. I would have preferred we got a certificate for any ball we wanted and with at least one year to use it. Then we could have chosen a proper replacement when it got released. NOTE: I also had an Electrify Solid, so I had TWO balls to replace. I would have loved to have gotten a Hyped Solid to replace the Electrify Solid, but that ball wasn’t out yet. Same story with this new Spectre replacement. I wanted an R3S pearl ball and they should have offered me one.
      The USBC was mostly responsible for that whole shitshow, true, but it was Storm who was ultimately responsible for supporting us, their customers.

  6. Hey Chris Beans..!!
    Jason from Florida here..
    Well.. since I had 2 Spectre’s (don’t ask..)
    I’m gonna hafta get 2 of these.. and in keeping with the Spectre genre, they announced (?) this Horror-Genre named ball.. just like last year, with the Spectre.. how cool is that..?!?!
    So, Happy Halloween..
    Get yourself a SPOOKY Revenant and let it linger in the bag with it’s Undead cousin, the SPECTRE..!!!
    But seriously, love how they are keeping the names in line with each other, and I’m also glad they offer this in (C-3) Centripetal Core @ 13 lbs.. don’t ask..(yes, sometimes I roll with 13, thank Dan Marino later).. but, yes, thank you again Chris for this AWESOME vid and timely leak to us Storm/RG/G900 fans..
    Keep rollin’

  7. Hey Chris did you see that PTLP ball it was on Storms website I have pictures and Data I just don’t know how to send it to you. Thanks 😊

    1. @Bowlers Rant Hey Chris will this be for sale for us or only the pros kinda strange they pulled the pictures. Thank you sir.🙂

  8. Color is fine ‼️, 1st thing is the cover material, 2nd is cover preparation. Then the weight block & layout. 😃😃😃 Thanks for the info ‼️‼️🌟🌟🌟

  9. BEANS!!! Love the covert operation you have going on!!!
    I had the Spectre and traded in for a Helios…
    But if I get a Revenant…long pin
    6 x 4 x 1.5…and watch it finish off the pin deck!

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