Ruby BETTER Than The Solid?!

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Today we are comparing my personal favorite ball ever the Storm !Q Tour Solid to the new kid on the block the !Q Tour Ruby!

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48 Comments on “Ruby BETTER Than The Solid?!”

  1. This video will be huge in letting me know if I want the ruby, the IQ solid is easily my favorite ball.

  2. The IQ Tour 30 was excellent for me with my highest game and series (700+), but it cracked in half a couple years ago. Pleased that Storm came out with the Ruby as I’ve got one on order. I’ll likely add it to my bag to replace the IQ TNP. This week the Night Road was doing the trick. Thanks for the nice comparison video. πŸ™‚

  3. Great video. Love my new Ruby, for me it’s the perfect step down from Rst x-1. The x-1 is stronger on the fresh but when the lane transitions the Ruby seemed to get me back to the same motion and spot the x-1 was on the fresh.

    Question I always wanted to ask is when you “take a little off” or “slow it down” do you focus on slowing your steps, shorter backswing or other?

    1. For me it’s all in the legs so I try to slow them down and bring that swing a little lower to bring the timing back!

  4. What about comparing the ruby to the fate. Love that ball but probably holding buying it because we only have five more weeks in winter than we get the eternity and the fate for two ball challenge summer league. Couple of global reps threw it Tuesday night in our league and it was fantastic πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  5. Great comparison. I don’t have the solid. I recently decided to go with a Phase 2 instead. Really excited for the Ruby.

  6. I’m gonna have to stash a couple of the Ruby and Solid πŸ‘€ never threw the solid until last Tuesday night and it’s butter on my THS for league nights.

  7. Coach on my team has the Ruby and threw it league Wednesday night. Hooks like crazy. So Excited!!!

  8. Can you compare the infinit physics to the fate,please you are by far my go to for ball reviews!!! I ordered the physics but I think I should have gotten the fate.

  9. At first I was going to get a Ruby because I missed the goldie and the emerald. Within the last couple days however, new information has come to light.

    Motiv is making another venom ball that is black and gold. I’m a sucker for black and gold colors together, so I’d like to get this one. I’ve never thrown motiv, but their recent releases have been really good from what I hear.

    1. @browntrousersmoment the venom shock is the best benchmark ball in their line. It’s incredibly versatile. It’s extremely good and popular after 9 years running.

    2. I haven’t seen anyone throw that ball yet but I will say that if you are gonna get a motive ball get the Shock

  10. I’ve been agonizing on which of these balls to get to round out my 3-ball arsenal and I think the IQTS wins out on this. Super excited for the ruby as well, I’m considering buying one and stashing it for safekeeping πŸ˜‰

  11. I’m considering a β€œweaker” ball. For the past month my local center has been putting me on destroyed lanes. Even my burner solid over reacts.

  12. What would you say the comparison would be to the Storm Fate? I am using the Fate now and enjoying it but the hype has me feeling a lot of potential FOMO

    1. I have an an iq tour solid, iq tour ruby, and the fate. I normally goto the fate if I move left from the iqts. The ruby I use more in the burn

  13. Hi Luis, Thanks for this comparison, I have never thrown an IQ before, but will seriously consider the Ruby. Is there something going on, on the low side at South Point? It looked like there is a temporary wall up on that side of the house. Ken

    1. @Luis Napoles sweet, can’t wait to see it when it is done! Which for me will most likely be for next years Open Championship.

  14. Great vid as always. I’ve gotten to comfy bowling the far right side (lowish rev/higher speed bowler). Gonna spend time next few weeks practicing more from the left. Which from my arsenal is my best bet to concentrate on while trying to get it to come back to the pocket from the left? S.Nova 2000, UFO Alert 3000, Marvel Maxx Tour 1500 pol, iQ TNP 3000, iQ Emerald 1500 pol. THANX!

  15. I dont really understand why storm keeps putting out the same iq in different colors, like why not just keep one out forever? That being said i still got excited when i saw the ruby was coming for when i need to replace my emerald(i like to refresh my bag periodically). The core in the iq’s just goes through the pins so nice your missing out if you dont have one of them in your arsenal. By the way that lower angle really showed the difference in shapes

    1. @Luis Napoles Can’t wait to see this comparison! I have the Emerald and the IQTNP in 16lb, thinking of the Ruby in 15lb which helps me get around the ball a little more and get further inside. Had the much smoother IQ30, but that cracked on me 😞

    2. As an added request, you should add in a Hyroad Pearl comparison to see the length/shape differences between the two.

  16. Money balls! Looks like these are excellent complements to each other, especially for tournaments with flatter patterns. I plan to use the solid on the fresh and then switch to the Ruby as the pattern transitions.

  17. There’s soooo many good options out there today..from all brands. Its so hard to go “back” to an older ball. Yet, here we are, debating and comparing to the iq tour. This ball has looked killer for a decade. And for some reason, I havent found a reason to NOT own one..but I don’t own one.

  18. I just got the solid, I have fate already so I’ll pass on Ruby but it looks sexy. Then again Lou makes everything look good

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