1. Cool tech bowling bowling ball storm iq tour purple with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time and roto grip rubicon uc3 trax bowling ball with nano technology in the bowling ball too more strike and spare hitting power at time bowlers rant Chris beans

  2. Rubicon is my favorite ball line. I would love for RG to release another one stateside. The overseas market has gotten a bunch of awesome Rubicons that we keep missing out on.

    1. ⏰⏰⏰ just wait a little bit, a Rubicon popped up on the approved list alongside the new Hustle colors. I’d bet on it being stateside

  3. I think there’s too much overlap for the purple vs the ruby in Storm’s mind, so I think you’re right about that 99% chance of it not coming stateside. Sure, the slightly different cover and the color difference will lead to a somewhat different reaction but, not enough for them to justify spending money manufacturing them for us. But for, say, the asian markets, that require vast amounts of different balls due to the weird taboo against ‘copying’ other bowlers by having the same ball, it’s a perfect no-brainer.

  4. Thank god the Rubicon line did not die out. I was really worried it was done. Still hoping for a UC4 one day

  5. I was soooooo hopin the iQ was a nrg pearl. I love my iQ nano pearl and have no replacement for it.

  6. CB’ I bought a extra ball UC3 resin before their gone. Would love to get the solid from OS balls.

  7. Great to see a video covering the Rubicon Trac after i found out about it and asked you about it a few months ago

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