Rubicon UC3 by Roto Grip | Full Uncut Review with JR Raymond

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28 Comments on “Rubicon UC3 by Roto Grip | Full Uncut Review with JR Raymond”

  1. I tried that UC3…..think I’ll stick with my hot cell which I keep sanded at 1000 grit. Use it for spares and when the lanes get dry or pushed down and dry. And usually I hate symmetrical cores. UC3 felt and looked almost like a weaker solid to me when I tested it

  2. I think just looking at the way the ball shapes, it’s pretty plain to see that the UC3 isn’t meant to compete with the purple hammer…it’s just completely different.

    1. I don’t think any of them are pure urethane anymore, but the UC3 is the furthest from pure urethane yet. I think SPEC is more urethane than this is.

  3. UC3 will calm down a little with a few games on It from my experience with the ball so far. Shot 280 first game on a fresh house shot with It. Was tossing pins all over the place.

  4. Welcome back JR! I’ve been wondering why the videos stopped coming out, sorry to hear that you were sick, but glad that you’re feeling better! 😊 The UC3 does look really good for a urethane ball. Unfortunately, haven’t had any experience with urethane yet. Maybe a future giveaway prize? 😉 Speaking of which, when is the next giveaway? Been wanting to enter the giveaways ever since I signed up for the membership, but haven’t heard any announcements of when they’re taking place. Any insight on that?

  5. Glad you are up and about. I’ve seen other reviews where it worked on a straighter shot so maybe lane conditions. While layout has less impact than friction or cover stock do you think, for you, a modified layout would tame it a bit?

  6. Great video, as usual. Would love to see a comparison of the UC3 to a weaker reactive ball. What would be your step up from the UC3 if it were in your bag?

  7. Im going to a ball demo watching people throw UC3 is making me want to throw it in the ball demo might buy it if itt’s a good fit for me and how i throw it in the ball demo

  8. League last night. A guy bowling against us. Had a UC3 and he had 4 Brooklyns in the first game. And he put it away. Too strong on fresh for him. In his defense. He said he just got it drilled and haven’t throw it much to get comfortable with throwing it in league. But I looked a his 2 bags. And he had all newer releases in them. And we was joking with him about he has a shop display in his bags. He had a good sense of humor about it.

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