Royal Diamond by SWAG bowling | Full review with JR Raymond

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16 Comments on “Royal Diamond by SWAG bowling | Full review with JR Raymond”

  1. This ball motion reminds me a lot of my Envy Tour. Take some hand out if it and it’s smooth and controlled, put hand in it and it will boomerang.

  2. Love mine. Please let us know how it reacts with surface. The more games I get on mine, the stronger it reacts to the dry.

    1. @Brian B “Video quality” has dropped significantly is what I meant. Blurry, out of focus, poor lighting, low compression rate, etc. Compare to channels like The Hype, Lou Napoles, Luke Rosdahl and most importantly, JRs earlier videos.

  3. Huh. I’ve never seen a Swag ball thrown around here but I have to say this looks really good and a black bowling ball always look good. A sweet review JR. Thanks for the enlightenment.

    1. I have three of them and I really like them. I purchased them two years ago and they’ve helped me out immensely. The three balls I use are: Dynamite (first one), the Geek, and NEW Lord Field Talent Maximum Solid Reactive Bowling. Lord Field is the same company as Swag. This Lord Field is an older ball and it’s difficult to find; it’s been a great bench mark ball. The Geek is the first ball I’ve ever owned where moving left has worked out for me. The Dynamite is great when: the lane conditions have broken down, when standing right is necessary, and you need the ball to hit hard (there isn’t a lot of room for error but it works great for what I need it to do). This is one of my favorite balls of all time. Lol, Raymond hated it. BUT, the very reason I hated it, is what I needed. I have to admit I will probably be replacing this after this year not because I hate it because it’s starting to wear down. I so like these bowling balls I’m looking to replace my hybrid with one of these Swag or Lord Field balls.

  4. Hey JR, how come you never did a review of the outer limits?? I saw somewhere you were talking about how you liked the color pattern it had and that was as far as it went

  5. And fyi this is possibly the best looking Swag ball I have ever seen. Great looking ball motion across the lane and usually Swag looks good straighter or all the way left but not both

  6. A lot of Swag’s equipment looks good to me, but the price for technology/ball in comparison to all the other companies just isn’t there. If they can’t find a way to be in line with the other big companies, I don’t see them being as successful as they could and may be another Lane 1 type of situation going the way of the do do.

  7. Staff member here
    It’s a 2 piece ball every smooth and another staff I know put 2000 on it shot 700+

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