Roto Grip UFO™ – “Equalizer Technology Core” w/ Hank & Roto Schlem

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Roto Schlem recently had a chance to sit down with the brain behind the E.T. Core™ himself, Hank Boomershine.

Over his tenure at Storm Products Inc., Hank has created some of the all-time best core designs this industry has ever seen. From the Nucleus™ Core found in the original Cell™, to the Shape-Lock HD™ Core that was first introduced in the original Storm Virtual Gravity™. HB has built plenty of masterpieces in his illustrious career that's for sure.

There is no doubt this new E.T. Core is the first of many in this new way of thinking due to the upcoming USBC Rule change coming August 1st, 2020. That is the day which sanctioned bowlers can no longer use a "balance hole" in their ball.

But you don't have to take our word for it. Watch the video and see for yourself…

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7 Comments on “Roto Grip UFO™ – “Equalizer Technology Core” w/ Hank & Roto Schlem”

  1. I am a Storm and Roto guy for life. But for the love of god please find someone else to choose colors of Roto balls. I speak for many people when I say if a ball looks bright and very noticeable, lots of people won’t buy it. Clean balls that you can see the motion are amazing. This ball and Crux prime are so ugly. These balls need to pass the “eye test”. Performance is an A+ looks are a D-. This is just an opinion that comes up on big league nights and some tournaments from where I live.

  2. Thumbless bowlers can’t drill a thumb whole either under the new rules?
    Doesn’t matter to me. I’m strictly a mediocre conventional roller.😃

    1. The new rule is if you have a hole in the ball it has to be used if not it has to be plugged. As a 2 finger bowler myself my main ball has two hole only but my spare ball has the thumb hole drilled in it because I was practicing using 3 fingers. I will have to have it plugged come this August or get a new spare ball.

  3. I love this ball. Pretty colors. My friend sold me hers for $50. I bowled 12 league games with it I average 221 with it so far. High series with it was 717. I like how hard it hits it sends pins flying everywhere and cleans the pin deck as well when hits the pocket at the right angle. Very predictable as well. I polished it to give it more length, and retain energy going down the lane. Pocket striking percentage averaged in the mid to low 90s for me. Get a UFO in your bag of ammo NOW!

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