Roto Grip UFO Alert Ball Review By Luis Napoles | This Ball Is SILLY!

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This is the first of a few SPI balls that I will be reviewing on the channel! The UFO Alert by Roto Grip screams versatility on the lanes!

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22 Comments on “Roto Grip UFO Alert Ball Review By Luis Napoles | This Ball Is SILLY!”

  1. @Lou Napoles You should do a video on how to get lined up on a house shot and Sport Pattern.

    1. Being the same color doesn’t mean the balls are similar. Hammer’s is a pearl and quite a bit more angular.

  2. Get yourself a Axiom, (Aka I would love to see you review it.) Dip into some DV8’s and Hammer’s. Glad your a free agent now Luis!

  3. Just got mine can’t wait to drill it congrats my friend on doing your own thing and like your explanations lol Keep up your videos

  4. Free agent……🤣🤣gonna have to relearn your layouts to fit the “free agent” pin buffer system

  5. I short pinned my alert. However I took the surface to 3k on a spinner to crack the shine. Doing so that ball is so much better

  6. I watch u all the time. I think u would like the hyroad line and the older hustles au.and rap just a thought my game is very similar to yours. Your truly awesome

  7. As always great review. Can’t wait to see what you review next! I know they aren’t very many that throw them, but why not some Swag since they’re recently PBA approved? The joker and joker wild look amazing from what I hear.🃏

  8. Totally agree with the last comment would love to see you review the Swag Jokers Wild ball on the fence about getting one I have only thrown Motiv for the last 5 yrs

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