Roto Grip | UFO Alert | Asymmetric Hybrid Summer Monster

Chris Beans breaks down the Roto Grip UFO Alert, a shiny asymmetric bowling ball announced from Roto Grip bowling! Full specs and commentary! URD June 18th, 2021!

Roto Grip video:

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14 Comments on “Roto Grip | UFO Alert | Asymmetric Hybrid Summer Monster”

  1. Dropped a pretty penny for the overseas pearl, haven’t used it yet. My alleys are just now opening up. Might pick this one up too just to complement the pearl.

  2. looks like a phase III…..Ill pass. plus thats guys rev rate would make a plastic ball hook hard.

  3. Only thing I’m surprised with is since Roto Grip discontinued the original UFO & the Nuclear Cell I’m surprised to see another hybrid released in the HP4 line since they already have a Hybrid in the RST-X1. Even though looks like the 2 balls react completely different.

    1. No doubt. I love the rst and I’m getting this with that thought in mind the motions with box surface will play great in the houses I frequent..

    2. @tnjrcfl1 I like my RST-X1 too. That’s why was hoping for another type being released. I get the feeling Roto Grip going announce a Solid HP4 ball of some sort in the summer around the Expo time. Not sure if I’m getting this UFO though. I got my eye on the Dark Code that’s coming out.

  4. didn’t get the phaze 3 .. but got the synergy and the uc2. wonder how much overlap is here with those. hrmmm, was hoping this ufo drop was gonna be the pearl but .. this thing looks sick. gonna have 2 pull the trigger on it anyway

  5. Good stuff as always, Chris! Agree with other comments—it looks like a P3. I like labels to blend in with the ball, not standout, as they can be a distraction watching the ball motion; so I personally like the label.

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