Roto Grip Tour Dynam-X Is NOTHING Like Urethane!

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Today we are comparing the all new Roto Grip Tour Dynam-X to urethane to see just how similar they actually are!

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5 Comments on “Roto Grip Tour Dynam-X Is NOTHING Like Urethane!”

  1. Tour D will prove to be a great ball. I’m bringing my Tour D and my Radical Crypto to league tonight and I expect to get my best score yet with just two balls.

  2. Thanks for this vid, Lou!

    Two questions, please:

    1. I get that urethane forces you right and resin forces you left, as the lanes transition. Whats the down side, if any, of using urethane in that situation? When would you NOT want to move right with urethane and would be bette advised to move left with resin?

    2. Could you please do a comparison vid of the Tour Dynam-x versus the IQTOUR? And could you please give your take on why and when a bowler would choose a sym benchmark like the IQTOUR over an assym benchmark like the Tour Dynam-x?


  3. Luis, do you think maybe a Tour Dynamix with a 2″ pin would fill the urethane gap (somewhat)? I do wonder if this is what Roto and Schlem had in mind when they designed it?

  4. Said it in the live chat but again their is a reason short pin layouts exist and I have seen numerous guys on tour use them. Brad Miller drilled a short pin Nova for qualifying at the US Open last year or 2021 if I recall correctly. While I agree reactive is not a pure replacement for urethane there are ways to have the same look as urethane with reactive as I mentioned. Also I would like to see how the Tour D compares to a Pitch Black which is much closer in the diff numbers for the cores than that Vintage. That said though again another very informative video as always Luis keep up the awesome work.

  5. I wouldnt exactly say its because of short Pin layouts or anything like that.
    why a lot of Ppl say the Tour might be a replacement for Urethane well it has a lot to do with the amount of how much the Ball flares and how you can play the straighter angles like with Urethane.
    Someone like Sean Rash is going to love this Ball for sure, but still gonna take a certain amount of skill to get it close on what a Urethane can do for one with its miss room.

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