Roto Grip TNT Infused Bowling Ball Review! Complete Opposite Ball Reaction Than Original!

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Roto Grip TNT Infused bowling ball review! This ball reaction is the complete opposite of the original TNT which is a welcomed sign and will make for a great one two punch!

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20 Comments on “Roto Grip TNT Infused Bowling Ball Review! Complete Opposite Ball Reaction Than Original!”

  1. I definitely want you to throw the ball ahead of time for a game. Just throw in a quick montage of the pre-video practice.

  2. Would say fresh out of box review, just so you can give us early thoughts on it and how it changes after like getting a few games on it / surface changes / lane shine etc and how it affects the ball over all

  3. It seems to hook and stop. It goes through the 3 phases of hook a bit too early on this oil pattern. I wonder if it is because the core revs up too early relative to when the cover starts reading.

    I wonder if you knock off the shine or add some surface that the core & cover will be better matched

  4. Seeing the balls straight out of the box has some value but I think reviewing it after having thrown it for a bit would be better. That would give you time to reflect on your initial impressions and give an overall more comprehensive review. I’ll be here for whatever way you prefer to do it though.

  5. Great review! I like the colors of the ball, but sure if I will get it, though. To answer your question, I would love to see you use a ball in league or get some games on it. That way, after you did that, you will know how good or where it will fit. I’ve seen ball reviews and people would rave about a ball, but never use it. I thankful for your honesty.

  6. Why not both? It might make for a little more effort on your end for the same length of video, but I think knowing how it is out of the box and how it is after a few games would be awesome! Perhaps you can do an initial review in one video and a revisit in another video. I know a YouTuber that kind of does this, where he goes back to balls and reviews them after the initial hype is done. Just a thought!

  7. Off Camera, because then you would be able to set your review on lanes conditions that best suit the ball.

    And 3 month later check in videos would be great!

  8. Would the TNT infused be a stepdown from the original TNT because the infused is longer and sharper on the backend?

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