Roto Grip | Summer Releases 2021 | RST X-2! Hyped Hybrid & Pearl! Hustle Camo & Wine!

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Chris Beans breaks down the RSTx2, Hyped Hybrid, Hyped Pearl, Hustle Camo & Hustle Wine…all recently announced from Roto Grip Bowling! Full specs and commentary!

URD Schedule:
RST X-2 & Hyper Hybrid/Pearl – Aug 20, 2021
Hustle Camo & Wine – July 23, 2021

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16 Comments on “Roto Grip | Summer Releases 2021 | RST X-2! Hyped Hybrid & Pearl! Hustle Camo & Wine!”

  1. NOT ANOTHER PINK BALL!!?!?! I REALLY hope the X2 is not that pink when the final product is released. Otherwise, what a huge fail. That Hustle Wine looks BOSS, though.

    1. @TheRoyal19 a Yeah but “purple” used in bowling balls these days is VERY close to pink. It’s not a fine line between purple and pink and the trend in bowling is to make swirly pink balls that I think look awful.

    2. @Jason P I’ve had multiple solid purple bowling balls and multi-color pours with purple, they’ve never looked pink

  2. X-2 is a beauty. I am still set on Electrify Solid as my next pickup but that Hyped hybrid looks sweet… crap.

  3. Nice colors ! The “without reducing the friction response downlane” is kinda tricky talk. The friction “response” is the same, but the ball motion cannot be. Since the ball will read the lane earlier (as they suggest by “larger footprint”), thus will spend more energy earlier, the downlane motion WILL be smoother, and not a big hook/flip compared to a different pearl coverstock. So by adding that phrase , they are trying to make it sound like there are no disadvantages. Physics does not permit “early traction AND a big backend”. The more you have of one, the less you have of the other. At least until some weird new material is invented, that changes it’s characteristics midlane ^_^

  4. X-1 was already killer released in the worst year possible, the X-2 is PRIMED to kill it 🔥

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