10 Comments on “Roto Grip Rubicon UC3 vs Motiv Venom Shock – CAN THIS BE REAL???”

  1. I have THREE UC3s. All different surfaces (2000, 1000, 500) and layouts. I don’t think there’s a house or condition that at least one of these would not work on. It might not be the absolute BEST ball for a particular condition, but I know one of these will work to some degree anywhere I go.

    1. While I’m not personally one who carries more than one of any ball I can see that working if you separate them enough.

    2. @TamerBowling I’m also a lefty and finding a reliable reaction on today’s “house shots” can often be tricky. Urethane has been my go-to for years because when reactive is too overunder there’s nothing else that will work. The UC3 is the best urethane ball released since the (criminally under-appreciated) Hot Cell.

  2. For me, the Venom Shock is going to be more versatile. I’ve used the Shock on just about everything by just adjusting the surface accordingly. Don’t know anything about the UC3 but the Shock has proven itself to me numerous times over the years.

    1. That’s part of why I thought it would be worthwhile to do this comparison. Shock has a long history. Let’s see how the UC3 pans out.

    2. @TamerBowling The UC3 looks pretty good! Very predictable and the clincher for it being an elite “versatile” ball is if it can give you more motion on demand. One thing that makes the Shock so crazy good is you can get even more with it out of your hand when you need more shape on the backend. I can cover some crazy boards with my Shock when needed.

    3. @M ultimately if you’re looking for something that can be more with your hand, venom shock will win that battle. Uc3 still is somewhat “urethaney”.

    1. Tank blitz was definitely something like this but not quite. But I agree it was unique and had some interesting characteristics.

  3. As someone who has a uc3 but no venoms… I’ve so far found the uc3 to be surprisingly versatile in a way that puts some of my reactives to shame. It’s strength while still creating shape is awesome

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