Roto Grip Rubicon UC3 Ball Review By Luis Napoles | On house shot and 2021 PBA Viper Oil Pattern!

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The all new Roto Grip Rubicon UC3 in my opinion is the next great Urethane bowling ball! This issue there closest thing I have seen to a purple hammer since the purple hammer! This review is done on a typical house shot and the 2021 PBA Viper Oil Pattern!

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23 Comments on “Roto Grip Rubicon UC3 Ball Review By Luis Napoles | On house shot and 2021 PBA Viper Oil Pattern!”

  1. I’ve seen some hype on this ball, can’t wait to see what you think! Is there a new champ knocking the purple off the hill top??

  2. This ball is so special, and it’s because of the cover. Notice that the ball did not “settle” or tame down at all. Most urethane balls will be great for 4-5 shots then as they get covered in oil they’ll “settle” and the reaction will be different (meaning less strong). This happens even if you wipe the ball down after each shot. The UC3 cover doesn’t do that. It’s f’n amazing and I REALLY want to see this cover paired up with other cores and maybe at 2000-3000 grit.

    1. Yea literally the whole time I was filming I was waiting for the uber flat 10 to come like most urethanes and the UC3 said Naw Dawg that aint me lol

    1. @Luis Napoles I personally loved the Blitz so might have to pick one of these up. Also I liked how you showed the UC3 on a sport shot since everyone has been doing reviews on a house shot. Great video

  3. I threw this ball for about 11 games this past friday, i was able to play up 6 on fresh and ultimately started lofting guttercap and i still feel like i could have moved further left. The crazy thing is that I’ve never felt like i had more control of the ball from that steep and i never would’ve thought it would have came from something labled as “urethane”.

  4. I’d be interested to know how it compares to a couple of older pieces — Fever Pitch, or 900 Global Badger Infused. From what I’ve seen in this video and others, it’s sort of unique among other urethane balls currently offered. Both the Fever Pitch and Badger Infused had “alternative” coverstocks so I’m interested to know how it shapes up to those (even though both of them were symmetrical cores).

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