21 Comments on “Roto Grip Rubicon UC3 (1 and 2-handed) DREAM URETHANE BALL?? by TamerBowling.com”

    1. @Rayn I don’t know if intentional or not, but I’ve bowled in dozens of centers for tournaments in many states and never seen a gate come down BEFORE the ball even makes contact with the pins. You need to slow video down if you didn’t realize that. Like this literally makes no sense from a legal perspective, scoring perspective, or safety perspective. What happens when little kids are bowling their 5 mph balls? Do they get hit?

  1. It’s interesting how, despite having a strong core a urethane cover with 1000 grit, it still barely moves unless it hits the dry. The shots that stayed in the oil a bit too long just hit like a wet noodle.

    1. This is more a symptom of the walled house shot. On a more blended shot, it’s not that exaggerated. It responds later than urethane does so it does react from out and in it does hold pocket but will hit soft given the wall.

  2. You’re killing me Tamer!!! My wife already has a lawyer on speed dial! Being a fellow lefty from the urethane era, I’m loving this ball. Is it straight up urethane or some form of urethane-like? Keep up the good work sir!

    1. Definitely not a straight urethane ball. Whatever it is, it is in the urethane world but shape wise can compete with mid control type balls.

  3. I don’t know where does this info comes from that the ball is “urethane”. Even on the website it is listed among pearl balls by the company itself. Nice review as always though. Thanks !

    1. @Bowling XP ! What I’m trying to say is that because it says “pearl” doesn’t specifically mean it’s a blend of urethane and reactive resin. This one definitely is. However, pearl additive has been done in true urethane before, just not necessarily a resin additive. The Storm Natural Pearl had it as well. The pearl allows it to get down lane a bit more. I’m not an expert chemist in their formulations but yes for sure, as you suspect no way this is pure urethane material. It kind of reminds me a bit of the microcell polymer from Motiv in say the Tank Blitz or Covert Tank.

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