Roto Grip Rubicon™ UC2 – Tour Staff

Take a look at different members of the Roto Grip Tour Staff rolling the Rubicon UC2…

Different sides of the lane… Different angles… Different rev rates…

This mild asymmetric core fits perfectly between your traditional strong asymmetric cores that tend to flare out and go forward quickly and your typical low RG symmetrical cores. Making this series of balls as the ideal in between that works on a wide variety of conditions.

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6 Comments on “Roto Grip Rubicon™ UC2 – Tour Staff”

  1. Roto Grip never fails at producing such great equipment. I have herd Roto Grip puts a 300 game in every Ball , it’s up to the Bowler to bring the 300 out.😃😃😃

  2. Okay, going to try to invoke dumb question amnesty here. Is there a reason why most pro female bowlers have a significantly more pronounced follow-through on their arm swing than their male counterparts?

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